Oct 31, 2015

Jeulia Black Friday Deals

As we are heading into November, it is that time of the year when holiday shopping starts. I used to stress over holiday shopping. But now with the ease of online shopping, it takes the pressure off tremendously and you can shop leisurely in your own home and yet still find great deals.

When you are shopping for ladies, don't you find the gifts can be very repetitive? Clothes, purses, wallets, makeup and skincare etc. Jewelry is another great option and we usually get earrings, necklaces, bracelets. We rarely go for rings. Why? It is because we always associate rings with hefty price tags. Jeulia.com has changed that. Not only do they offer a wide variety of beautiful rings, they are affordable and even better, they have amazing black Friday deals already so you can get your holiday shopping started early.

Black Diamond Four Skull Designer Ring is such an edgy ring. It has 4 skulls on corners of the black diamond to add character to the classic black diamond design. If you are shopping for someone who likes feminine design with a kick, this would be the one for her.
I love rose gold rings and this is my favorite: an unique apple shape rose gold ring. The design is so adorable. When you shop for rings, it does not necessarily have to be engagement or anniversary rings. It can be a gift for your best friend for her to know that it is your way of saying "I care about you and your friendship means a lot to me". 

I love simple and elegant designs. This simple round cut black diamond ring would compliment any classic ladies. On days when you don't like attention drawn to their jewelry, this would be perfect. 

Another beautiful design is this Two-in-One Stackable Engagement Ring

The rings mentioned are just four out of many from Jeulia.com Black Friday deals. A lot of them are 50% off, making the deals even sweeter. With money saved, you may also score one for yourself while shopping for others!

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