Aug 8, 2018

When in doubt, buy more lipsticks

Lipsticks are my favorite. You can never have enough shades of lipsticks in your collection. Whenever you feel down or the "need" to update your makeup collection, easiest way is to shop for a new lipstick.

I have been looking for a particular shade of lipstick. To be particular, wanted a peachy coral shade for the summer. When I was searching online and in store, found many more than I was originally looking for. Isn't that the same when you are buying for a gift and then end up buying more stuff for yourself?

MYBB(my lips but better) shades of lipsticks are still my favorite. When you can't decide on which lipstick you want to wear that day, can never go wrong with a moisturizing MYBB. I picked up this Bareminerals xox. This would be a staple in my purse as it is easy to apply, moisturizing and can even go over other shades of lipsticks.

NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in San Franscisco

Since I just bought some coral peachy shades from Chanel(see my previous Chanel lippies splurge blog post), I need some lip liner to go with them. NYX suede matte lip liner in San Franscisco is the perfect shade. 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Ludwig

Sephora had a promo a while ago for this Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Ludwig(free deluxe sample size with purchase). Ludwig is a pale nude fawn shade. It has a little brownish undertone. 

I love Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. They apply beautifully. Lasting power is impressive but I find they can be drying after a while.

Here are my Kat Von D liquid lipstick swatches in my collection.

What is your favorite makeup product to shop for?


Aug 1, 2018

Chanel Lippies Splurge

It was National Lipstick Day on July 29. I didn't realize such day even exists!

Sephora had a special on that day: 25% on selected lip products. Of course, I was excited to score a great deal. Over the weekend, I was searching high and low for products I have been wanting to try. I went through my lippies collection and "realized" I don't have a lot of coral/red shades. So I concentrated on finding shades on the Sephora website.

What I didn't realize was Sephora only had a very limited number of products which were on sale. Disappointed, I started to browse around online for other stores and roam around in the mall.

The Bay is having a special on now until Aug 9($10 off when you spend $75 on beauty products). Not a bad deal. I was swatching zillions of shades at the Chanel counter but every single one color that I picked, they were out of stock. So I bought online instead.

Left: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in 144
Right: Chanel Le Rouge Crayon in #20 Ultra Rose

For luxurious brands like Chanel, YSL, Giorgio Armani etc, I like to go in store and swatch the shades in person as pictures online can be deceiving.

There is the Chanel Cruise Collection Summer 2018. I picked #20 Ultra Rose from their crayon collection. It is a coral red shade. Very smooth in texture and glide on lips beautifully. Not as long-lasting as matte liquid lipstick or tint but it is also not as drying.

What I like about this crayon is you can easily adjust how much color you would like. You can apply the crayon full-on and it is a more vibrant watermelon red shade. Or like how I apply, I outline my lips and use my fingers or a piece of kleenax to blend it out to have a more softer look. It is still extremely moisturizing after a couple of hours.

Chanel Allure Ink 144 Vivant

#144 Vivant is a very popular shade for Chanel Allure Ink. It is a peachy coral shade. Looks very vibrant and bright when swatched on hand. But when it is applied to lips, it doesn't appear that "neon". When it is first applied, it looks like your regular liquid lipstick. But give it a few minutes, it would dry down to a matte shade. Unlike other lip stains, this one is not drying. Still has a little bit of transfer after a couple of hours but wouldn't leave lips with an awkward outer-rim left if the initial application is even.

I don't usually splurge on luxurious lippies but once in a while it is ok. Don't you all agree that we need a booster once in a while? :)


Jul 31, 2018

Korean 7-Skin Method

I am probably late in getting on the bandwagon of the popular Korean 7 Skin Method. If you don't know about it, it is basically a Korean skin care trend which you layer essence/toner 7 times on your skin to give your skin the ultimate hydration. 

When I first heard about the trend, I thought it would be some skin care brands trying to push using more of their products. If you use the essence morning and night, your bottle of essence would last for a few months. But if you layer it 7 times, it would only last me a month. 

I use essence every morning so why not give it a try and see what the hype is all about.

The idea behind the 7-skin method is to layer your essence and keep your skin hydrated. I do it in the morning, after a cleansed face, I use a cotton pad to apply my essence for the initial step. This way, you wipe away the impurities and prep your skin for the ultimate "pampering" to come. Then, I use a dime-size amount of essence, rub it on my palms for a few seconds and then pat it on my face. I usually wait a minute or two between each layer so it would give my skin enough time to absorb the essence. Repeat it 7 times.

Yes, it is much more time-consuming than my regular morning skin care routine. I don't usually do it 7 times though. Some days, I just do it 4 times. The key is to pick a toner/essence which suits this application. Pick one which does not contain alcohol. As alcohol dries out your skin, the more you apply, the drier your skin gets which defeats the whole purpose of this method. 

My go-to has been the IOPE Bio Essence for years. My other options are Secret Key Start Treatment Essence which is very similar in texture as the IOPE but a lot more affordable. Klairs Supple Preparation is also a nice choice. 

Verdict: I love this skin care routine. I measure my skin hydration level before starting this method. My problem is doesn't matter what moisturizer I apply in the morning, by late afternoon, my skin hydration level is so low, usually around 28 to 30% moisture level(according to my skin analyzer). But after I start using this, level is around 35-38%. Even though it is not a whole lot, every bit of improvement is appreciated.

With the hydration locked in my skin throughout the day, my oil level is decreased. In the hot summer months, I am not as oily as before and makeup stays on longer. Sometimes, I can even skip applying moisturizer after the 7 skin method. 

I highly recommend you trying out this 7-Skin Method if you suffer from dehydration. I know I will continue with this method especially through the cold dry winter months ahead.

Jul 29, 2018

Applying Sunscreen over Makeup? Supergoop Setting Mist

In the hot summer months, we all have to look after our skin. I apply sunscreen in the morning religiously but I feel like my skin needs more sunscreen in the afternoon. How do you re-apply sunscreen mid-day over makeup?

When you have makeup on, you probably don't want to bring your regular sunscreen with you in your purse and re-apply sunscreen. I just want to reapply sunscreen and maybe blot off excess oil on my face. I don't want to bring my foundation, blush and bronzer and do my makeup all over. 

I have been looking for a sunscreen spray or preferably mist for a while. There are not too many choices in the market. Just by coincidence, I was watching Stylish&Literate's IG TV and she was talking about sunscreen mist. She bought the Kate Sommerville SPF Makeup Setting Spray and thought as the name suggested, it would be a SPF spray to be used over makeup. That's what I would have assumed. But upon reading the directions, the spray is not supposed to be used directly on your face. You're supposed to spray it on your hand and rub it on your face. Furthermore, it is in aerosol and you really need to be in a room with good ventilation. She suggested to get the Supergoop Setting Mist instead.

First Impression:

There is a slight scent. Not your regular sunscreen scent. It is not very strong but some people may find it otherwise. I am ok with that as the scent doesn't linger on. As I heard that in order for a sunscreen in spray form to work effectively, you need to spray a generous amount. The mist is quite fine and even though I spray a good amount, it doesn't make my face look overly wet. It dries off quite fast so you don't have to worry about your face being saturated with sunscreen. I usually spray it on mid-day on a hot summer day when my skin is a bit oily. After it dries off, it does take the shine away.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. It serves my purpose, protecting my skin with re-application of sunscreen without messing up my makeup. It does not break my skin out and seems to have a good protection.


Jul 26, 2018

Makeup Room Organization

I moved into my new place a couple of months and one of the most exciting project is for me is to finally have a makeup room. I want everything to be accessible and be seen so makeup goodies won't be ignored.

I had the table and the 5 drawer from my old house. Bought a couple of Ikea's Alex 9 drawers to house everything. Not my goal to fill up every single drawer though :) 

I got the chair from HomeSense and it looks so great with my Alex drawers.

With so many drawers, I am a bit overwhelmed. I have enough makeup in my collection and I want to get things organized.

I have a lot of blushes and bronzers and getting the drawer-dividers is the best idea. 

This drawer is for BB cushion and a few odd highlighters.

You can find drawer dividers in a lot of places. I got mine from These plastic dividers are very sturdy and easy to assemble. You can customize the length to your needs. They can be easily cut with a pair of scissors. With the Alex drawers, I had to cut 2 sections out to fit the width. If you have a lot of lipsticks, you can use these as well. I have tons of lipsticks and I house them in my acrylic drawers so I can see them lying flat for easier visual selection.

Jul 24, 2018

Sheet Masks Performances by Skin Analyzer

I have been bragging about my new skin care gadget for a while. Yes, it is my beloved Skin Moisture Analyzer. It gives me a better understanding of what my skin condition is in terms of moisture and oil level.

A lot of times, I hesitated to put on moisturizer in the summer time as my skin would get really oily and greasy by mid-day. That was a big mistake and I have mixed up skin moisture level with oil level. 

Now equipped with my skin moisture analyzer, I know that when I apply enough moisturizer and essence in the morning, my skin actually produce less oil throughout the day and breakouts are significantly less. 

I have documented a few of my skin moisture analyzer results after using different sheet masks for the past week and thought it may be helpful to you when you are picking your next pack of facial sheet masks.

How I test: 
Apply facial sheet on cleansed face for 15-20 mins. After removal and let essence sink in for about 3 mins and then I test my skin moisture and oil level.

Moisture level: 47%
Oil level: 22%

Moisture level: 48%
Oil level: 19%

Moisture level: 51%
Oil level: 16%

Moisture level: 71%
Oil level: 20%

Moisture level: 58%
Oil level: 18%

Moisture level: 66%
Oil level: 20%

Moisture level: 66%
Oil level: 20%

Out of all the ones I have tried, my favorite is the G Dragon Moonshot Fantastic Shining Mask. Yes, I am a big fan of G Dragon. I bought the mask initially just because he put his name on it. But after I use it, I love it more and more. It is on the pricier side (about CAD $4-6 each) but it comes in a pack of eye cream and foaming cleanser. It is perfect to grab a few of those when you are travelling. My skin always feel hydrated and plump after each use. This mask is not readily available and is always out of stock. In the past, I have bought from, and ebay for these.

G Dragon

Another favorite is the Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask. This brand is easily accessible in Canada. I can get this from Korean grocery store(H-Mart) and other Asian stores in Toronto. I get them for about CAD $22 for 5 pieces. 

Hope my brief review of these facial sheet masks would be helpful on your decision on your next set of facial sheet masks.

Jul 14, 2018

Cheap sheet masks = not good enough?

I have tried a ton of sheet masks over the past few years. Ranging from CAD $10 to $1 a piece. All have different claims. From anti-aging, hydrating, blemish-control, clearing to brightening/whitening. Do they do what they claim? To be honest, I haven't found one which is mind-blowing to be called my holy grail. 

To me, a good sheet mask is how well it fits my face and how hydrating it makes me skin feel. There are some masks that I use whenever I need extra pampering for my skin, especially in the cold winter months. There are also some which I use when I feel blemishes surfacing and I need masks to help calm them. 

Ever since I bought a skin moisture analyzer from Amazon, I use it pretty much daily to measure the hydration level. No matter what moisturizer I use before I go to bed at night, my skin hydration level always fall back to 37-38% in the morning. So for the past month, I am testing out using different combinations of different sheet masks, night moisturizer and serum to see if my skin hydration level would improve. 

I just bought a box set of sheet mask from Miniso. There are a few different kinds and I picked the ocean bird nest nutrition silk mask. It is $3.99 for 3 pieces. 

I am quite surprised by how good this mask is. First up, it fits my face quite good. I have an oval-shaped face and sometimes some sheet mask don't fit my forehead well. Second, the sheet mask itself is quite thin making the essence more easily absorbed into the skin. 

I leave the mask on for 20 mins and immediately after removing the mask:

Hydration level: 70%
Oil level: 20%

After 5 mins:

Hydration level: 55%
Oil level: 17%

This mask really is a pleasant surprise for me. Not a lot of sheet masks would give my skin this much hydration. The hydration level usually drops after a few minutes but to a good 55% is very impressive. 

Who says cheap sheet masks are not good enough? Do you have a good affordable sheet mask?