Jun 18, 2018

Yesstyle Haul

Have been buying my Asian makeup from YesStyle. They have a wide variety of products, from makeup to clothing, accessories and household items. What I love most is their reliable customer service and the shipping time is very quick. Usually 7-10 business days.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence is a new product I am trying. I have been using the IOPE Bio Essence for a few years. Instead of using toner in the morning, I like to pad down a few drops of essence onto freshly-cleaned face to add in extra moisture. Even in the summer time, I find hydration is the key to keep my skin fresh. I had the wrong impression that the more I pile up onto my skin in the summer, the more oily my face would become throughout the day. Was I ever wrong. With the right amount of hydration, the oiliness is kept to a minimal even on hot summer days. I have been reading a lot of great reviews about this Secret Key Treatment Essence. It is so much more affordable and very comparable to the raved SKII essence.

COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask is another product I am trying out. Rice is very good to keep skin clear. I have been using the SkinFood Rice Mask for daily exfoliations and find it really helpful in helping my skin clear up. COSRX is a skin care brand I love so why not give it a try. Another COSRX product I am getting in this order is the Acne Pimple Master Patch. Very effective in calming pimples overnight.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro Gel Mask. I have been gifted a few or these masks from my friend who has dry skin. She raves about how effective these are. Even though I have oily-combination skin, I find these ones are really good. I have bought a skin moisture analyzer from Amazon before and I test my skin moisture level after using this mask and am so impressed. 

Another re-purchase would be A'Pieu Deo Armpit Brightener. I use the cream on armpits and on my knees to brighten up dark areas. Just apply the cream to clean, dry skin and then rub it off. I would say results are quite good. You just have to keep using the product consistently to get the best results.

Included with my order is a free gift of Collagen Eye Patch. Excited to try them out.

Jun 12, 2018

Summer Outfits Wishlist

Anybody else excited about summer holidays? School is almost out here in Canada. Summer here in Ontario, Canada can be so hot and humid. When I shop for summer outfits, they need to be light and fuss-free. I am past the age that looks are more important. Comfort is the No.1 priority in picking out summer outfits.

Zaful is an online store I have discovered. They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories at very affordable prices. The quality and style is very impressive and the shipping time is fast. 

Summer dresses are so easy to throw on and require minimal effort to look chic. Yes, I am the lazy kind who like to wear dresses. Don't have to find top/bottom to match and out the door I go.

If you are not a dress gal, how about a romper? 

I love camouflage and this hoodie is perfect to throw on on a cool summer night. 

Zaful always has awesome sales. Right now they have their 4th Anniversary Sale. They offer free shipping for orders over $49. Also, they have codes to be used when you buy a certain amount which makes the deal even sweeter.

Use code " ZFSally " All orders use the code ,  over $100 save $12  ( 1 time limited )
Use code" ZFSally " All orders use the code  , over $50  save $ 6     ( 1 time limited )
Use code" ZFSally " All orders use the code  , over $25  save  $ 3    ( 1 time limited ) 
Please note: Each customer could only use each coupon for one time.

I have got outfits from Zaful before. Their sizes are quite consistent. Sometimes when you shop online, you have doubts about what size you should go for. I never have problems with sizing and if you ever have problems with your order, they have good customer service and if you are still not happy, they would refund your order. Zaful has unconditional refund with quality, non-received, size issues within 24 hours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjKO6wfDAVY

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May 23, 2018

Makeup Room Ikea Alex Drawers

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. Have been busy with moving to a new city, new house. Some people move frequently but I can count with one hand how many times I have moved. Until you are packing your belongings, you do not realize how much of a hoarder you are. I have accumulated so many things over the years and even after I donated so many boxes to Value Village, still have so much left.

I have always wanted to set up my makeup room with Ikea Alex drawers. Think it is a great and affordable way to organize beauty items. When you have accumulated so much makeup over the years, you need to visualize everything.

I have had the table the 5-drawer(from Michael's)for a while. See my previous post for this Ikea dupe drawers. But I want to have the Alex 9 drawer from Ikea. Finally got around to it and set it up. It is still a working progress. I just ordered some drawer dividers to further organize my compacts a little better. Will do an update once it is done. White chair is from HomeSense. I was contemplating on whether to get a white chair. It will match perfect with the rest but with dirty fingers on makeup, white chair cannot be kept clean for long. But decided in the end that I would. Just have to be careful. 

How do you organize your makeup?


Mar 7, 2018

Yesstyle Haul Review on Shu Uemura S-Curler

I have recently discovered a new website to buy makeup online. This is my second order and I am very happy with the price and shipping time. It usually takes less than 7 business days for my orders to arrive. They offer free shipping to Canada (orders over CAD $45) and you can always track your orders online.

I have tried many brands of blackhead remover and this one has got to be the best one. It is not as harsh as the Biore's nose strips. It does a couple of steps though. I usually start with applying a hot face towel on my nose to open up the pores. Then I use the solution in the kit to prep my nose. After that, I splash some hot water on and then apply the charcoal mask. Leave it on for 10-15 mins(yes, it does take a while to dry completely) and remove it by peeling it off. The most satisfying step must be when you tear off the mask, you see how much dirt you have removed. Last step is to apply the soothing lotion from the kit.  This one is on deep discount( usually around CAD $28 here in stores) but this one is on sale for CAD $14.

I have heard so many great reviews about how good this ISEHAN liquid liner is. My current one is the Kat Von D Tattoo liner but I am almost out so since this one is on sale, I decided to try it. I got the black one as that is the only color available(my usual one is brown). It glides on very easily and doesn't smudge at all. Very similar to the Kat Von D one.

The Shu Uemura S-Curler has to be the most exciting item from this haul. I am an eyelash curler addict. Yes, I am not shy to admit that. If I don't wear any makeup that day, the least I do is to curl my eyelashes. I feel so naked when my lashes are not curled. This S-Curler is not your regular eyelash curler. It is much smaller in size and the way it works is you curl your lashes in sections to fully curl all your lashes. My problem with my inner-cornered lashes are much shorter and stubborn to curl. When I use my regular curler, it barely reach the inner parts of my eye. With this S-Curler, I can angle the curler to curl every section of my lashes evenly. It does take a bit of time to get used to it and when I curl them in sections, it triples the time. But let me tell you, the effect is very impressive. Not only my inner-cornered lashes are now curled, they last. I curl them in sections with this S-curler and then use my regular curler to curl them altogether. After I apply my waterproof mascara, I go back to curl them one more time and it last all day long. For us Asian gals, we have to work extra hard to get our stubborn, shorter lashes pretty. But this little gadget is worth trying out.

Last but not least is a brush cleaner. I just got this to bring my order total up to $45 to be qualified for free shipping. 

Mar 2, 2018

Trying New Makeup

I haven't done a new makeup haul for a long time. I am proud to say I have been pretty good in controlling my makeup purchase in the past year. Especially I will be moving to my new house soon and I have been doing major decluttering and I have thrown out so much unused or rarely-used makeup products which I felt so guilty. I have decided to buy minimally and will try my best to use up or rediscover my stash.

YSL Volupte Tint-in-balm in No. 1 Dream Me Nude
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in 1 Pink Sugar

These were gifts from my best friend. I have tried YSL Volupte Tint-in-balm. I have the color No.4 and it is a stable in my purse. It is not very pigmented but very moisturizing. Perfect to leave in your purse for touch-up. 

The shade No. 1 Dream me Nude has a bit of mauve and brownish tone to it. 

Left: YSL Volupte Tint-in-balm in No. 1 Dream me Nude
Right: Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar Shimmer Blush

Loving this Bobbi Brown shimmer blush. I usually stay away from shimmer blush but this shimmer in this one is very fine and subtle. You can barely notice it. It is a very soft pink. I have been wearing this non-stop since I got it. 

I have been wanting to try Fenty beauty products for a while. My sister-in-law gifted me this Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. This is such an awesome lip gloss. It is a rose gold shade and not super sticky. You can apply it alone or apply it on top on your lipstick. This is quite long-lasting for a lip gloss and my lips feel moisturized for a long time.

Just picked up this Fenty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber at the Sephora Rouge event last nite. This is my first cream contour stick and I have tried a few times in store and it feels very creamy and quite easy to blend. I don't have any cool-toned contour in my collection and thought this would be nice to try out.

Left: Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber
Right: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

My sister-in-law also told me about this Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. I am almost out in my face oil and want to try a new one. This dry face oil can be used alone or used together with makeup. You can mix a few drops with your foundation and make your skin more luminous. I bought the smaller size as I want to make sure I love it before commit myself to a full-size. The scent is very pleasant. Very citrusy, a combination of zesty lemon and orange. Very fast-absorbing and when I use it in the morning, I don't have to wait 10 mins for it to be fully-absorbed into the skin. 

Last product to try is the Kat Vond D Lock-It-Blotting Powder. I got it in the shade light. Not that I need another blotting powder for my purse but read so many great reviews about this powder that I have to try for myself. It claims to blur out pores and make your skin look like it has been photo-shopped. I am excited to try this out and will report back once I have tested it out for a few weeks.

What new makeup products have you tried lately?

Jan 25, 2018

Winter Survival Skincare Products

Winter Survival Skincare Products

Doesn't matter what kind of skin you have, if you live in Canada, winter is cold and dry. I have combination skin and in the summer time, I tend to go easy on moisturizer as I don't like the tackiness mixed with hot weather and humidity. But in the winter, I need to use extra products to make sure my skin is well-hydrated.

Belif is a Korean skincare brand which uses natural ingredients. In the past, I have tried to stay away from foam cleanser as they always tend to dry out my skin but this Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist does not and good to use even in the morning when my skin usually feels drier. This Travel Kit * also contain their refreshing toner, skin-luminizing essence, firming eye cream and my favorite: moisturizing facial cream. I am relatively new to use essence. This essence adds extra hydration to skin before applying moisturizer, making my foundation application much smoother. It is an excellent kit for travel and also a great way to try their best products.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment has been my must have in the winter. I like to layer this on top of my current eye cream to make sure my eye area is well-hydrated.

My favorite sheet mask currently is still the G-Dragon Fantastic Shining Mask. Very affordable and delivers great results.(Not to mention I am a big fan of G-Dragon :)

For overnight, I sometimes use the Origins Drink Up Mask. It is a very thick leave-on sleeping mask. It does take some time to get used to the thick texture though and get absorbed.

Laneige Lip Mask is actually more of a thick creamy lip balm. Texture is similar to pricey Dior Creme de Rose but this is way more affordable and effective.

For mid-day hydration, I love using the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Unlike other hydrating mist, this one stays on the skin for an extended period of time and still give your skin a healthy luminous glow and moisture. Even though it is so pricey, I think it is totally worth it.

Last but not least is the Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. I fell in love with it a few years back and have been using it every winter. I use it as a rich body moisturizer and hand cream. Lathering a thick layer on my hand before I go to bed and my hands will stay feel soft and hydrated in the morning.

What are your winter survival skincare products?

Body moisturizer
44 CAD - lushusa.com

Beauty product
72 CAD - sephora.com

Beauty product
48 CAD - thebay.com

Lip Sleeping Mask LANEIGE
30 CAD - sephora.com

15 CAD - kmall24.com

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Jan 18, 2018

Miniso Haul

Excited about the opening of Miniso in Canada. It is a Japanese store(similar to Daiso) which sells a variety of products in very affordable prices. Ranges from make up, towels, sunglasses, umbrellas, vanity units, slippers, kitchen utensils, candles, power banks, headphones, speakers etc. A lot of items are under $4.99 and of course for electronic items, they are more.

I am super excited that there is a store nearby and I love going there. As it is a relatively new store, their stock is not very consistent and items sell out so fast. 

I got cotton pads which is quite good in quality. $2.99 for 180 pads which is not a bad deal. The candle is also quite nice. This is my second  Fruit candle and the scent is very subtle. This small jar is $4.99. 

I also got a mouth mask and an eye mask. With the cold weather here in Canada, this cotton mouth mask is a life-saver. I used to wrap my face with my scarf when I am out walking my dog in the frigid  -15 C but find it too suffocating. This cotton-blend mouth mask is just what I need to protect my face from the blowing wind and can still breath through.

The eye mask can be used both warm or cold. For tired and puffy eyes, I can stick the eye mask in the fridge to help with depuffing. Or for pampering, I can put the mask in the microwave for  20 seconds to warm it up and apply it on eyes.

Love using my hair band when I am washing my face. Keep my hair out of my face completely and when I do sheet masks at night, it is perfect.

Waterproof lengthening mascara is what I just got. I am jus testing it out so cannot tell whether it is a winner or not. It is $3.99 and there are two versions, lengthening and volume. I picked the lengthening and I used it the first time yesterday. It is very black and does lengthen. But will have to use it some more to see if my lashes would stay up.

I also got a few other items from Miniso such as pens, slippers, towels and underwear. They are all very good quality for their price. To me, the store offers so much better quality stuff for amazing prices. They are not your regular dollar store, that's for sure.