Jan 25, 2018

Winter Survival Skincare Products

Winter Survival Skincare Products

Doesn't matter what kind of skin you have, if you live in Canada, winter is cold and dry. I have combination skin and in the summer time, I tend to go easy on moisturizer as I don't like the tackiness mixed with hot weather and humidity. But in the winter, I need to use extra products to make sure my skin is well-hydrated.

Belif is a Korean skincare brand which uses natural ingredients. In the past, I have tried to stay away from foam cleanser as they always tend to dry out my skin but this Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist does not and good to use even in the morning when my skin usually feels drier. This Travel Kit * also contain their refreshing toner, skin-luminizing essence, firming eye cream and my favorite: moisturizing facial cream. I am relatively new to use essence. This essence adds extra hydration to skin before applying moisturizer, making my foundation application much smoother. It is an excellent kit for travel and also a great way to try their best products.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment has been my must have in the winter. I like to layer this on top of my current eye cream to make sure my eye area is well-hydrated.

My favorite sheet mask currently is still the G-Dragon Fantastic Shining Mask. Very affordable and delivers great results.(Not to mention I am a big fan of G-Dragon :)

For overnight, I sometimes use the Origins Drink Up Mask. It is a very thick leave-on sleeping mask. It does take some time to get used to the thick texture though and get absorbed.

Laneige Lip Mask is actually more of a thick creamy lip balm. Texture is similar to pricey Dior Creme de Rose but this is way more affordable and effective.

For mid-day hydration, I love using the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Unlike other hydrating mist, this one stays on the skin for an extended period of time and still give your skin a healthy luminous glow and moisture. Even though it is so pricey, I think it is totally worth it.

Last but not least is the Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. I fell in love with it a few years back and have been using it every winter. I use it as a rich body moisturizer and hand cream. Lathering a thick layer on my hand before I go to bed and my hands will stay feel soft and hydrated in the morning.

What are your winter survival skincare products?

Body moisturizer
44 CAD - lushusa.com

Beauty product
72 CAD - sephora.com

Beauty product
48 CAD - thebay.com

Lip Sleeping Mask LANEIGE
30 CAD - sephora.com

15 CAD - kmall24.com

*this is a sponsored post

Jan 18, 2018

Miniso Haul

Excited about the opening of Miniso in Canada. It is a Japanese store(similar to Daiso) which sells a variety of products in very affordable prices. Ranges from make up, towels, sunglasses, umbrellas, vanity units, slippers, kitchen utensils, candles, power banks, headphones, speakers etc. A lot of items are under $4.99 and of course for electronic items, they are more.

I am super excited that there is a store nearby and I love going there. As it is a relatively new store, their stock is not very consistent and items sell out so fast. 

I got cotton pads which is quite good in quality. $2.99 for 180 pads which is not a bad deal. The candle is also quite nice. This is my second  Fruit candle and the scent is very subtle. This small jar is $4.99. 

I also got a mouth mask and an eye mask. With the cold weather here in Canada, this cotton mouth mask is a life-saver. I used to wrap my face with my scarf when I am out walking my dog in the frigid  -15 C but find it too suffocating. This cotton-blend mouth mask is just what I need to protect my face from the blowing wind and can still breath through.

The eye mask can be used both warm or cold. For tired and puffy eyes, I can stick the eye mask in the fridge to help with depuffing. Or for pampering, I can put the mask in the microwave for  20 seconds to warm it up and apply it on eyes.

Love using my hair band when I am washing my face. Keep my hair out of my face completely and when I do sheet masks at night, it is perfect.

Waterproof lengthening mascara is what I just got. I am jus testing it out so cannot tell whether it is a winner or not. It is $3.99 and there are two versions, lengthening and volume. I picked the lengthening and I used it the first time yesterday. It is very black and does lengthen. But will have to use it some more to see if my lashes would stay up.

I also got a few other items from Miniso such as pens, slippers, towels and underwear. They are all very good quality for their price. To me, the store offers so much better quality stuff for amazing prices. They are not your regular dollar store, that's for sure. 

Jan 15, 2018

Can't Seem To have Enough Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks

I know I have been MIA for the past little while. Have a few big changes in my life but I am slowly getting back to my normal routine. 

If you have been following me on my blog, you know I LOVE Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks. I have tried many brands of liquid lipsticks and I can proudly say I have found my "HOLY GRAIL". They are truly long-lasting and don't dry my lips out. Honestly, ever since I got my first one, I cannot wear any other lip products. I am just too used to applying the lipstick once in the morning and pretty much set all day long no matter what I eat. I may have to apply a lip balm mid-day but that's it.

I have got two more shades to add in my collection:

The sahdes I got are Suck It and Wine Not. I believe they are relatively new shades added to their collection.

Wine Not and On Point are quite similar. On Point is just a bit richer and Wine Not has a bit more brown in it.

Suck It and Sell Out are my two favorite every day shades. Sell Out is lighter and it is your perfect "my lips but better" shade. Suck It has a bit more earthy tone in it.

I also have a few other more vibrant shades in my collection for the summer. Suck It and Sell Out are my most-used shades. These shades look good on everyone and so easy to apply. The darker and vibrant shades are a bit trickier. I line my lips with a neutral shade(shade closest to my natural lip color) and then dab the lipsticks on and use kleenax to blend it out. I find if I apply those shades full-on, they are a bit intense and I prefer them to be toned-down. Let it dry for a minute or so and apply a bit of lip cream/balm and I am set to go all-day-long.

Dec 13, 2017

Monthly Watch Club

If you are still struggling to get your Christmas shopping list done, welcome to my world. I have been occupied with a lot of things lately and this is probably my first year not getting my shopping done before December. 

For those of you who have someone hard to buy for, a monthly subscription would be an ideal gift. 

I have been approached by Monthly Watch Club and am quite amazed. Monthly Watch Club is a Canadian company. You can pick either watches for men or women. For little as CAD $33(US $25), you can have a brand new watch every month to enjoy. Watches are a must for me. Even though these days, we tend to use our cell phones for everything, I still wear a watch daily. 

Let's get to what I received*:

Each watch comes in a very simple box, packaged and sent in bubbled wrap. Also enclosed is a card of the watch sent. It gives you detailed description of the watch, including watch measurements, weight, strap length etc.

I was sent a simple black watch with detailed florals on the face of the watch. I am quite happy with this one as I like simple designs and this one is simple but has a twist to it. The leather strap is leather and for the first couple of times of wearing, it feels a bit stiff but I am confident that it will soften up a bit with more wear. I also like it being a bit oversized. I can wear it over a thin sweater even. 

You can either choose a trial subscription(one time), 3 month, 6 month or a 12 month subscription. They guarantee their products for up to 100 days so if you have any problem with your watch, simply contact them. 

The concept of getting a new watch every month is very unique. You know you will be getting a quality watch. You can also browse on their website to see what they have sent out in the previous months and have options to purchase them(life-savers if you are struggling to get a last minute Christmas gift!)

* PR product sent for review

Oct 25, 2017

Oct Empties

Bath Product:
Happy Bath Mineral Spa Essence

Skincare Products:
IOPE Bio Intensive Essence
First Aid Beauty Eye Duty
SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Eye Patch

Have been using IOPE Bio Intensive Essence for a couple of years. Instead of using toner in the morning, I use that to put in extra hydration for my skin before makeup. Have tried other brands but still find this the most effective. 

SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Eye Patch is my first eye patch tried. They are quick fixes for de-puffing eyes in the morning. I use them when my eyes feel tired in the morning and I just pop two on while brushing my teeth and then after 5 mins, I feel the eye area is hydrated and not as tired. I got this from Kmall24.com at a special offer. Don't seem to find this anymore but have switched to other brands.

Got Happy Bath Mineral Spa Essence  as a gift-with-purchase when I got the IOPE Bio Intensive Essence a while back. This is a very good shower gel. I like the scent and the pump for easy dispensing. Will definitely go back to get more.

Chosungah 22 R4 C& T Blend Fresh Mix
Chosungah 22 24H Ray Beam Cream
Covergirl So Lashy Mascara
Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Finished two of my holy grail products from Chosungah 22. The 24H Ray Beam Cream is the only cream highlighter I use these days. This little tub last me more than 2 years and trust me, you only need a tiny dot to give your cheeks a beautiful and natural glow. C&T Blend Fresh Mix is my all-time-favorite makeup base. You can use this as a foundation but when I need extra coverage, I often apply a cushion foundation on top. 

Still committed to use face sheet masks at least 4 times a week. With the drier and colder weather approaching, I feel like using more hydrating sheet masks at nights is a must. I haven't switched up to new face sheet masks. I like to buy in bulk and use them all up before switching things up.

Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather & Honey Tangerine

I like to switch candles up and I am just finishing up my summer-scented ones. Honey Tangerine is one of my favorite summer candles. Sweater Weather is a nice transition from summer to fall. The scent is not too overpowering. I am not a big fan of Bath and Body Works fall candles, like the popular Leaves and Pumpkin-scented ones as I find them too strong.

Oct 21, 2017

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion

Yes, I have bought another cushion foundation. I have only tried COSRX pimple patches in the past and am super impressed with how this popular Korean skin care brand performs. When they released this new Clear Fit Blemish Cushion, I knew I had to get this.

I have been having hormonal break-outs lately and I want a foundation to act both as a coverage and healing product. This new cushion foundation claims to have trouble care and soothing essence to treat sensitive skin. 

This comes in 2 shades: #21 and #23 and I picked the #23 which is a warmer beige than the two.

This shade #23 is a bit leaning towards more beige. Unlike other cushion foundation, this one has a matte finish. So if you are looking for that dewiness look, this one won't be the one for you.

Troiareuke A+

I have one other cushion foundation to compare this to, it is my new holy grail: Troiareuke A+. Both foundations have skin care properties which can calm sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Left: Troiareuke A+
Right: Cosrx Clear Fit


Troiareuke A+

In terms of shade, COSRX is darker than the Troiareuke A+. With the same amount applied on my arm to cover the mole, COSRX has significantly better coverage. With that said, only small amount of COSRX should be applied by lightly padding on face, rather than your usual application of cushion foundation. If applied too much, it does look cakey and very unnatural on skin. 

COSRX Clear Fit Blemish cushion has a more matte finish and I don't need to apply powder to control the oiliness in my skin. The coverage is very impressive but have to be careful when applied to have a more natural finish. For the price comparison, COSRX is much more affordable than the Troiareuke. Both don't come with refills. As for skin care properties, I like the Troiareuke more. It is more like a skin care product with a bit of coverage. It doesn't feel like wearing makeup at all. COSRX has more coverage and is more suitable if you need it and don't want to apply a whole lot of concealer to cover up your blemishes.

Overall, I quite enjoy the new COSRX Clear Fit Blemish cushion and it is a very nice and more affordable alternative to Troiareuke. Have you tried this new cushion from COSRX?

Oct 15, 2017

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

I love using cushion foundation as I find it most natural and still gives enough coverage. I prefer Asian brands, especially Korean brands as I love the dewy effect. Throughout the summer, I tend to stay away as with the humid weather, I don't want my skin to feel extra oily. But now fall is here and weather is cooling down, I switch back to cushion.

This is my latest purchase. I have been wanting to try this luxurious Korean brand for a while. They have released a new version.

This one comes with a beautiful makeup pouch. 

Shade No. 23

Compared to other Korean cushion foundation, this shade is a bit lighter.

Even though all three shades look very similar in the pan, Sulwhasoo is significantly lighter swatched. However, it does oxidize a bit on my skin after a while after application so I am ok with that.(for reference, I am a MAC NC30)

In terms of coverage, Sulwhasoo and Iope are very similar. Out of the three, Hera is a light to medium coverage and gives my skin the most dewiness effect. With that said, I would use Hera mostly in the cooler months. This new version of Sulwhasoo claims to have more skin care properties but since I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, I haven't seen any difference yet. Sulwhasoo also is the most expensive. (I got mine from Kmall24.com at a special discount price last month). All three come with refills. I will do a more in-depth review of the three at a later time so stay tuned for it.

Are you a BB cushion foundation fan? What is your current favorite?