Dec 1, 2011

Minimalist Mockneck Sweater & Waverly Chino with flannel lining

Today is a good day. Got 3 UPS packages. The delivery guy was just here yesterday to deliver one of my three Land's End orders.

Got my J Crew order placed last week. Very excited. First time I order pants from them and was a little bit anxious about the sizing.

Waverly chino with flannel lining and minimalist mockneck sweater

I'm very pleased with the size I picked for my pants. I'm usually a size 4 or 6 but thought since it's my first time getting pants from J Crew, went with size 6. It's a little bit loose on the waist but the rest is ok. A lot of reviews said the pants are not long enough so can hardly be rolled up to show the flannel lining. But since I'm not very tall ( 5' 5.5"), I was able to roll up a little bit. Pants are not as bulky as I thought. Extremely comfortable, cozy and warm. I have a feeling I will be wearing these pants a lot.

As for the sweater, I went with a size medium as I thought I may layer up to have enough room for a shirt underneath.

I'm trying the pants on with pumps but we just got our first snowfall yesterday. So doubt if I could wear these out now. Probably will have to pair with loafers or my beloved Uggs.


  1. I love that purple sweater, the color is beautiful. I really liked it paired with the beige pants.

    Thanks for following me, back atcha =)

  2. just tututiny: For some reason, this fall/winter, I'm obsessed with purple. I just bought a purple fleece top, plum orchard color cashmere cardigan. Thanks for visiting my blog!