Dec 14, 2011

Ready or not

With no snow on the ground, it is very hard to feel Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. We usually would have a few inches of white stuff on the ground but this year strangely enough, we have none. 

In the past years, when I feel like the holiday season is falling on me, I just feel overwhelmed. Just instead of dreading, I put up the Christmas tree in late November. Once I have the tree up, I feel like I am more in control and I will get things ready for Christmas.

This is what it looks like in our family room. Like the picture of my puppy? He is 3.5 years old and not a puppy anymore but he is my baby. 


  1. Love the decor! And I'm the same way, my lab is 12 years old this year and I still think of him as my puppy. He still looks like one and acts like one so if the shoe fits right haha.

    Alexandra xo

  2. I love holiday decorations too! I want to go to NYC and just stare at the windows haha.

  3. Alexandra: Thank you. My Goldendoodle has so much energy. He is super friendly and some people may find him too hyper. But I love him just the way he is.

    Ly: Window shopping at NYC will be sooooooooo cool!! Everything there is better.