Jan 4, 2012

Deals at J. Crew

Freezing cold today. What better way to spend the day at the mall inside, warm and toasty.

Wearing my thick Canada Goose down jacket inside the mall is not a smart idea. Should have left the jacket in the car so I could enjoy my shopping more.

Headed to J. Crew first as I wanted to check out the clearance items since most of them are sold out online.

This is the Honeycomb Cable Sweater in small. The fit is ok and it is $ 63.99 and 50% off all sale items. Really good deal for $ 37. However, I find the sweater extremely linty and when I tried this on, lint flew everywhere which almost made me sneeze. 

Next found the perfect shirt in gingham. This is a size 6. I have the tartan shirt in size 6 and I found it fit a little bit small. I would have got a size 4 but none left. It is $ 56.99 and 50% off. Can't beat that.

Ever since I bought the vintage thermal tee in stripe from one of their promos in Nov, I have loved the material. So warm and cozy. Wanted to get this thermal henley online but sold out. Grabbed this one in medium. $37.99, 50% off again.

This is the Poncho Hoodieponcho hoodie. I want it in grey but sold out in my sizes. Tried the black one on. Material is very soft. It was $99.99, 50% off. But I ended up not getting this one. 

Can't remember what this pair of capri pants called. They didn't have my size but I tried on a size 8 which is way too big. The pants are not lined and as many have commented on them before, they are extremely itchy. With that price, I wonder why they didn't line the pants.

I don't know when the sale started but still a lot of items left. Just my luck that the few items I wanted are out of my size. I just wish the online sale will be better. In-store are 50% off and online only 25%, what a rip off.


  1. Gosh, I'm so jealous of your J Crew hunting! We don't have it over in the UK to I have to save myself for US trips. Lovely blog by the way xxx


  2. Anna@SMS_Style: I don't get to go to a J. Crew retail store very often. There is only one in Toronto, Ontario so far and I don't live in Toronto anymore. So whenever I go home for visits, I'd pay a visit to the store. I shop online all the time and I find other bloggers' reviews extremely useful in terms of quality and size-fitting. Thanks for visiting!