Mar 17, 2012

More buys

Last day of shopping before heading back home and start school on Monday. Didn't think I would get anything else. But got an email from Banana Republic(Canada), offering 50% on 5 full-priced items. Kind of hard to resist.

Ended up getting:

Hard not to shop for spring items when it has been 15 degrees(celsius) outside every day.

I was originally looking at the Polka Dot Trench

But the store I went to was out of my size, only 1 XL left. Plus, I don't really want another polka dot item. I think I have gone overboard already.

A few other items I tried on but didn't like them that much to buy. 

Very soft cotton. Nice plaid, reminds me of the Burberry plaids. Fitted a little bit small. I usually take a size small for Banana Republic shirts but I can go up to size medium but unfortunately they dont' have that in stock. 

Mom got Gold Button Sweater Jacket in navy. On the website, the colors available are black, red and cocoon. But we didn't see any red in the store. Very nice material and can be worn just as a top or a cardigan. 

If it wasn't for the 50% coupon, neither one of us would buy these in full price. When we were lining up, there were people without the coupon/email and paid the original price. If the coupon didn't state it is only for one transaction(only for one time use), I would have been nice enough to offer the coupon to those poor people paying full-priced items. 


  1. OMGGGGG polka dot trench coat *drool*

    Tasia :P

    1. Yes, it is adorable. But do I need another polka dot item? Yes, definitely but the store I went to was out of sizes. Maybe you'll have better luck in your stores. Today is the last day of 50% off (with coupon/email). Definitely a great buy!

    2. I went....bwahahah....but thankfully it wasn't there in my size - its lovely tho. I had seen a polka dot trench at Forever 21 that I wanted, but it wasn't in my size either. Guess it just isn't "meant to be" :P

  2. wow the polka dot trench is hot!
    i love the first jacket, too.
    great finds! :)

    1. Isn't that adorable? But maybe it's not meant to be mine as when I went to the store, they didn't have my size. Otherwise, I'd definitely grab it. But I like my color block coat too. Think I will wear it more as the fabric is lighter and more suitable for spring.

  3. Love it all! The polka trench is so amazing! Perfect.

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Vantage Point Vintage on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  4. Love that classic cardigan and polka dot jacket! So chic!

    Alexandra xo