Mar 2, 2012

Physicians Formula Eyeliners

I love eyeliners and I have been using them for years. First, they were the plain old pencils which I have used for years. Then came the gel and I never go back. I have used the Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Eyeliner and love it. Find it very easy to apply and it stay put.

Next is the Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner. This is my number one all-time-favorite. However, it is pricey and without the fine eyeliner brush, it is impossible to apply it right.

I have never used Physicians Formula products before. Last year, I got the Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner +Serum through a full price rebate. It is free. So why not give it a try?

It has a very very fine, soft tip for application. Easy to apply. Doesn't smudge much(I usually apply eye shadow primer on both upper and lower eyelids). Great thing about this is the tip is so fine and soft, even if you make a mistake, it is easy to correct. Also, since the tip is soft, I can go very close to my lash lines, making my lashes look fuller.

With the serum, it claims to make your lashes re-grow fuller and longer faster, which I had doubts at the beginning. I have been using it constantly for 2 weeks now and I do see a difference in the fullness of my lashes. I am pleasantly-surprised, not expecting it to work what-so-ever. 

This year, Physicians Formula has introduced a whole bunch of new products. They are offering $7 or $9 rebates on certain products too. See link for products for current rebates(Canada) or link for products for current rebates (US)

Think it is very similar to the one I have already, just the tip is a little thicker.


  1. the first one looks quite nice!
    i am always afraid to use any liquid eyeliner since it is difficult to fix once i made a mistake. this one looks easy enough to control better. will try it. thanks for sharing! :)

    1. The first one is with a very fine felt-tip so it's fairly easy to apply and I was worried about fixing mistakes with liquid eyeliner but this one is easy to wipe off(unlike the gel eyeliner). Hope you will like it too!

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  3. I've used Physician's Formula pressed powders before and highly recommend them - and rebates? Score!

    1. Good to know that their pressed powder is good. I'm looking for a new one actually and may try it. Thanks.

  4. I find Physician's Formula almost never fails me, so I'm really glad to hear the serum works well because I was thinking of picking it up!

    Alexandra ♥

  5. Lovely post! Like it;)