Apr 7, 2012

OOTD Apr 7/12

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter holiday weekend. I used to be a chocoholic and "overdose" on Easter chocolate eggs. My favorite is Cadbury mini eggs. You can just pop a whole bunch without realizing you have gobbled up a whole bag. I am now more reserved in consuming chocolate. Not sure if it is aging hormone or what. But every time I eat more than 1 serving of chocolate, I would get a pimple the very next day.

Running some errands today. Everything was closed yesterday and tomorrow so it will be super-crowded everywhere. Dress comfortably is the key.

Mixed new with old. Surprisingly, they go very well.

Rock and Republic jeans
Bangles from Winners and Bitter Sweet

I just grabbed the 3/4 sleeve tee from Old Navy last weekend. It is a very nice army green color with beautiful spring stripes. It is on sale for $15 now. Comes in white and grey too. I may go back and grab a grey. It is made of thinner cotton so it will be nice to wear throughout summer.  

I have the J. Crew bomber jacket from last fall. Perfect for spring and cooler mornings. You can dress up or down with this. I still see it pop back online in the sale section during the latest promo. In case you don't know, there is a 30% off sale items and factory items at J. Crew using code: OURTREAT. I should have known that J. Crew always do promos on long weekends. Made the mistake of placing an order just before Good Friday. Tried to call to try my luck with any nice and courteous SA and see if they would adjust my 2 orders(yes, placed 2 orders. Placed an order on the a canvas tote and later found out some sweaters have gone in insanely low prices, from $110 to $20??!! Couldn't resist and had to grab one). Of course, no luck with adjusting my orders to apply the 30% off. Oh, well, live and learn next time.


  1. love the comfy looking jacket!
    army green color looks great on you.
    happy easter! :)

    1. yes, the jacket is so comfy. I wasn't too sure about the color but now it's slowly growing on me.

      Happy Easter!

  2. happy easter!
    i regret not having bought the bomber jacket,it looks very nice.

    1. I saw the jacket pop back this morning online. Maybe it will pop back again soon.

      Happy Easter to you too!