Sep 19, 2012

Bath and Body Works Haul

I'm pleasantly surprised that my order from Bath and Body Works is here already. I only place the order 3 business days ago. My email confirmation gave me a Purolator tracking number but I wasn't able to track it and I called yesterday and was told my order was still in transit. So I am so surprised to see my order arrive today.

I ordered 5 3-wick candles. Originally priced at $19.50 each, my order would have been $100 plus shipping and handling. But I got them on sale with the special promo, 2 for $20 and I also got a 20% off my whole order. My order came to $65.20 with the tax and shipping. So very happy with the deal I got.

they were packed extremely well and marked fragile on the box

Got 2 of the Mahogany Teakwood. Scent just like Abercrombie Fierce cologne. Not too masculine and would make a nice change to my regular fruity, bakery scents.

Lemon- as predicted, very lemon and fresh scented. I love to burn lemon when I'm cooking very strong-scented food and lemon is just the right scent to neutralize the food scent in the kitchen.

Marshmallow Fireside- smell so yummy. Think this is my absolute favorite. 

Leaves- the scent is quite hard to describe so I would quote what it says on the label: " A fragrance that embodies the richness of fall- with all of its colors and pleasures- featuring notes of golden nectar, ripe delicious apple and red berries.
Now after reading the description, I can definitely make out the mix of scents in the candle. A very strong apple and fall fruits' scent but not too sweet and fruity as my other candles. 


  1. OMGGGG I am a lover of the BBW candles! I love marshmellow fireside, some favorites of mine that I just got recently are Salted Caramel & French Baguette!!

  2. Does the Teakwood candle really smell like the Abercronmbie & Fitch cologne?! I am in love with that scent! I wonder how the scent throw on that one would be because if it can drown my room in that scent, I'd never leave! Great candles and great post! That deal was just way to hard to pass up :) xx