Oct 26, 2012

Gap Leather Lace-up Booties Review(J. Crew MacAlister look-alike)

Did a post on the Gap leather lace-up booties a couple of days ago. I was so excited to find an almost exact dupe for the J. Crew MacAlister high heel boots. I knew I should not have high hopes for these for the price. 

I got the order within 2 days which is always impressive with Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy. The leather is ok quality. But it is a combination of the height of the heels and the stitches on the side of the boots which disappoint me.

Gap leather lace up booties (buy here)

I size up to 8 (I'm a 7.5) since they don't offer half sizes. The size feel ok with a pair of thick socks. Fit alright overall. Sometimes with lace-up boots, may feel upper part of the feet tight. But not in this case.

The heel height is the main factor I am sending these back. It may not seem that high in the pictures but it is 3.5 to 4 inches tall. I hate the fact that it wasn't stated on the website. I knew I was taking a chance in these. 

I don't like the front of these booties at all. Look very bulky and they are quite heavy as well.

Also, the side stitches (just between the upper leather part and the bottom rubber sole) are very messy. I could also see some dried glue on the side which totally turned me off.

So as much as I want these to be perfect dupes for the J. Crew MacAlister high heel boots, these one fail and sadly they are going back. 


  1. i'm so sorry these didn't work! i had such high hopes that they would. i agree with you that they look really chunky. :(

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    1. I am disappointed but oh well, at least free return and no hassle. On the lookout for another pair now......

  2. They are cute, but once you have your heart set on something...best sometimes to wait it out and buy what you wanted. I just got the MacAlister wedge which I love! Not too high, so easy to run around town in.

    1. I like the looks for the MacAlister wedge much better. Think the heels will work for me better for the wedges. Now just have to wait for a good sale :)

  3. I totally agree with you too!
    The boots looks like a worker boot and very clunky.
    Too bad,because you were so excited:(.
    Hopefully you will find some other similiar boots soon or maybe the real ones?

    1. Don't think I will go for the real ones as I have confirmed that I cannot walk in heels more than 3 inches high. Maybe will wait for the J. Crew sale and get the MacAlister wedges instead. More walkable in those :)