Oct 31, 2012

What's in my purse? Well, not messy anymore

I haul a lot of things into my purse. I am the type of person who would rather have too much than not have enough. I usually have a minimal amount of makeup as I don't like to reapply makeup throughout the day. Just the usual lipgloss and lipsticks and a powder is enough for me. I like to grab things from my purse when I am stopped at traffic lights. Grabbing a piece of gum or candy. But most of the time, I cannot find anything in my purse.

I got a purse organizer a while ago but it is not very good quality. I like the idea of putting things in the organizer and whenever I change my purse, just take the organizer out and put it in the new bag. I put most of my things in the purse organizer except my phone, car and house key. As those are the items I need access to and don't want to flip my purse upside down to find them.

I saw the PurseN purse organizer at a store earlier. It is of much better quality than the one I have but cannot justify in paying $60 for that.

I look on ebay and finally found one which is much affordable at a fraction of the suggested retail price.

PurseN purse organizer in size medium

this is the only color the seller offers. It is a nice pink. But if I can pick, would have picked the silver/grey color.

on the inside of the packaging

Pretty embarrassing to show my purse as you can tell it is hard to find anything in there

This is the cheap purse organizer I got a while ago. It was in much better shape before. Guess if this comes with a bottom which is sturdier, it would have worked much better. So many times the whole organizer flip upside down inside my purse and I have to flip the whole bag upside down to find things. What a headache!

Now, it is organized and can stand up straight

No more flipping upside down or collapse inside my purse to make it a disaster zone


  1. LOL... same in here dear


  2. Great way to organize the purse. :)

    xo - Sheila

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  3. Very chic purse! Nice blog you have here and I'm glad I stumbled upon it by the blog hop :)

  4. what a nice idea!
    there was a time i only carry tiny tiny bags that only held my tiny wallet(money clip, really), pressed powder and lipgloss, & tiny cell phone. haha
    now i cannot live without big bags..and i have the same problem. ;p
    i might need this for my bags with less compartments.

  5. What a neat idea! I carry a bag the size of a small suitcase so some organization would be really helpful.

  6. Oh dear ... I seriously need that. I can NEVER find anything in my bag without endless and frustrated rummaging, short of the desire to tip everything out :p

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