Nov 6, 2012

Fortune Cookie Fall Soap Box 2012 Review

I received my first Fortune Cookie  Fall soap box a couple of weeks and I have tried everything but the clay mask in the box.

This is what my box looks like:

The one product I'm most impressed is the Whipped Cream

Included in this fall box is the Snickerdoodle

It is a very moisturizing body lotion. Somewhere between a body butter and a body moisturizer. My skin gets very dry in the cold winter months. But I don't like the idea of body butter as it is too sticky on my skin and I hate standing in the bathroom waiting for it to be absorbed into my skin.

The Snickerdoodle is not a very rich scent but just scented like a yummy almond sugar cookie. You know sometimes you put on some body lotion and it is so overpowering that you cannot even put on any perfume to clash with the scent. Not in this case. 

I like this whipped cream so much that I placed another online order to get more varieties of it using the $10 coupon which came with my fall soap box.

OCD hand sanitizer(Ripe for Picking)

I love this hand sanitizer. Not only because it is my favorite scent: apple. But also it contains less alcohol than the Bath and Body Works versions, making my hands not as dry. The only complaint about this is the bottle is not squeezable. It is made out of really sturdy plastic. So when I use this, I have to twist open the bottle and pour it out which is extremely difficult to do sometimes(especially when you're stopping at a traffic light). To remedy this problem, I pour the whole bottle into my empty Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer bottle. 

Milk Bath(Something Nutty)

I was expecting to like this milk bath as the I love anything nutty-flavored. I originally used 1/2 of the bag in my smaller than average bath tub. But I couldn't smell anything nutty from the bath. So I poured some more of it into the water and still nothing. It is not moisturizing at all and the scent is so faint. Not liking this milk bath at all.

A Roll in the Leaves Bath Fizzy

This bath fizzy is quite nice. It smells just like leaves in the fall. Just that typical fall scent. Love it. It is also moisturizing and the scent lingers in the bathroom for a while.

Itty Bitty Gritty lip scrub

When I was first trying this lip scrub in a lip balm tube, I thought it is the greatest idea to have it in a tube for easy application. It was quite moisturizing at first, just like a lip balm. But after a day or so, it got really hard. Also when you apply the lip scrub, have to be careful since it can be very rough on your delicate lips.

Eco Suds (Figs and Berries)

I used this with my sheets and towels. The scent is subtle enough, not overwhelming, which is a good thing as you don't want a strong scent on your sheets. I used a tablespoon for each load of laundry for my front-load washer. So a little goes a long way.

Roast My Marshmallow Fortune Cookie Soap

I had high hopes for this soap as it is their signature soap. The texture of the soap is quite interesting. Not your typical soap-like texture. It is more like a rubber-y. I noticed this when I tried to cut this in half to use in my shower. It was quite hard to cut it half. The scent is amazing. Not right in your face that kind of scent. It lathers up quite nicely. But the thing is since it is shaped like a fortune cookie and I cut it in half(so the whole soap won't be washed out in the shower), making it quite hard to use. But overall, I'm happy with the soap.

I just received my order of more Whipped Cream and a few other bath sorbet and fizzies. So very excited to try them out. It has really turned much colder in the past week here in Canada and I find myself looking forward to my bath time at night before bed. What a way to pamper yourself !


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  2. i love the Whipped Cream name of the product! sounds so amazing, thanks for sharing all these lovely goodies, i definitely want to try them :)

    1. the whipped cream is the most amazing product from the company I find so far. The new scents I got are absolutely amazing. They are my new favorites now.

  3. Great items , I would love to have milk bath. My bath tub never smelled like milky milky :D

    1. I was so looking forward to a nice hot nutty-scented bath but this one doesn't deliver. Love the rest of the products though.

      Thanks for dropping by, heading over to your blog next :)

  4. Great post! I'm totally in love!

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  5. Thank you for following, follow you back!

  6. Wow! The milk bath looks it really nice? :)


    1. the concept of the milk bath is interesting but it was my least favorite of the whole box unfortunately. Just wish the scent is stronger and more moisturizing.

  7. awesome post! love this! xx