Dec 5, 2012

J Crew Factory Ponte Pant

Have always been curious about the highly-raved J. Crew pixie pant. It is basically a pair of thick leggings made of stretchy fabric. With all the non-stop promotions at J. Crew, it is so hard not to try them. But even with the 25% or 30% off, this would be still more than $75. To me, it is a bit pricey for a pair of leggings.

Then, I hopped over to the factory website and saw the Ponte Pant which is made of the same stretchy fabric. Since I had to finish some Christmas shopping on the site, might as well give that a try.

Missoni for Target top
J. Crew Factory Ponte Pant in size 4 (buy here)
Aquatalia by Marvin K Minnow boots

The reviews on the pixie pant suggest to go a size up as it fits small. I was contemplating on getting a size up for this factory version. But then if the fabric is stretchy, guess I will take a chance to get my normal size and hopefully it will stretch out more as I wear them.

Please excuse my rear as I want to show you guys that this does not really hug your hips like other leggings made of thin fabric. I can probably get away with wearing these as pants. I know, treating leggings as pants is a no-no (unless you're toothpick slim :)

Wearing these out for the first time. So I am more comfortable having a long cardigan. I would suggest go with your regular size on these pants. There is enough fabric for stretching. If you go a size bigger, you might end up having extra fabric hugging your thighs and around your knees. 

I like the fact that the zipper is on the side. The pixie pant has a back zipper. The ponte pant version has a side zipper with a hook. If the pixie pant is the same way, the hook would be bothering me when I'm sitting down. Hate hook poking on my skin.

Factory is offering 40% off all orders. If you're thinking of getting it, this would be a great deal. I got mine with 30% off and free shipping, making it a little bit over $50. Next time when I'm at the J. Crew store, would have to check out the pixie pant and compare the fabric of the two. I want another grey pair and the factory version only offers in black and navy.

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  1. Thanks for the review!
    I think i need to try the pixie pants too:).

    1. Next time I'm in the city, will definitely check out the pixie pants and see the difference between the two. If they are on sale after Christmas, definitely will pick up a grey pair.

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    1. thank you very much, very sweet of you :)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you and they are super-comfy. I like leggings but always have to find longer tops to cover my behind. These ones, I'm border-line wear a regular top and still feel ok.

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    1. thanks for dropping by, heading over to your blog next!

  5. I agree. My J. Crew Factory Ponte Pants just arrived yesterday and I'm so pleased with it. I prefer it to the Pixie pants and love the side zipper - less noticeable than the big back zipper.

    1. I am very happy with my ponte pants. I want a grey one so maybe I will try out the pixie one but unfortunately they are sold out online. I am going to try the store when I head to the city.

  6. thanks for your review! I've been contemplating on getting the pixie pants but I don't like the idea of a back zipper/exposed zipper. Definitely going to check the factory :)