Jan 7, 2013

New Favorite Lip Cream Buxom White Russian & Sephora Buxom promo

I was really into lip glosses a while back. I was into the minimal makeup stage. Tinted moisturizer, simple black eyeliner and put on some lip gloss and out I went. I wore a lot of MAC lip products but found lip glosses just a bit too sticky. Then I switched over to Smashbox. Liked them for a while and eventually just switched to light-colored lipsticks.

I discovered Buxom lip cream after reading so many great reviews about the product. 

Buxom lip cream in White Russian (buy here)

Isn't the packaging cute? Love the frosted tube

Here is a swatch

This one is a lip-plumper. I have always tried to steer away from these as for some reason, I thought it would really make my lips look like I have major food allergies. I don't have really thick or thin lips. I got a sample/traveller size of white Russian just to make sure I like it before I get the full-sized one. It does not plump your lips up, at least not to mine. But it has a very minty, cooling, refreshing application. After application, I can feel the cooling effect throughout the day. It is not sticky which I love. I particularly picked this shade as it is a beautiful soft frosty pink color. I love to apply it on brighter and darker lip products to tone the color down a bit. 

I got the sample size a couple of months ago and I have been wearing it on a daily basis. I love it so much that I got a full-sized one during one of my many trips to Sephora.

Not sure how much I spent last year at Sephora to be a VIB beauty insider. You get a new VIB card, a 10% discount on your next purchase in store and a 45 min beauty consultation session.

If you're interested in trying out Buxom lip polish, Sephora is offering 2 sample-sized Buxom lip polish right now. I believe you can pick from 2 lip polish and a sample sized mascara. Use code BUXOM2 with any US $25 purchase. I think it is a great deal as the lip polish seem to be of decent sized. Yes, I was just at the Sephora store yesterday and when I found out about the promotion, I placed an order online to get the Origins skin care line which I was contemplating on getting in the store earlier.


  1. I love Boxoms and wanted to try this new line so badly but it turns out that I'm allergic to them and had to get rid of my whole collection :( Thais colour looks so pretty though :)


    1. Oh wow, just too bad that you find out you're allergic after you got a few products from them. I heard Buxom and Bare Minerals are the same company basically.

  2. I totally want to try some Buxom..any Buxom. Eventually, I need to use up some glosses!

    1. After this, I'm banning myself from buying any more lip glosses for a while. I just found 4 pretty much untouched lip glosses in my purse the other day :)