Feb 12, 2013

Small MAC Archies Girls Collection Haul

This is my first time ordering online from MAC. Don't know what to expect in terms of shipping method and timeline. I placed my order on Feb 7(Thurs) and only got a confirmation order email from MAC. When I checked on my order status on line, it says pending. So I called them today but only got through a voice mail. Thought they must be really busy with the recent release of new collections and super busy.

Little did I expect my package arrived shortly after I made the phone call. It is shipped by UPS and even though I never got a shipping tracking email, I am delighted to receive my order so soon. Only been 3 business days since I placed my order.

Anyway, here is my small haul:

The packaging is so cute

Inside the bigger paper box, it is a Archie's Girls collection brush set in a tin box. Very sturdy and much bigger box than I expected

5 brushes

These are travel-sized brushes and the handles are much shorter than the regular ones. These would be great and compact for traveling. 

Not going to bring the box when traveling since it is quite bulky. Probably will keep this box for storage.

Oh Oh Oh lipstick(from Betty's collection)

This is a very pretty shade. Brownish plum color with a tint of bronze.

When it is swatched on my hand, it looks more plum than on the tube. 

There are still a few more items that I would like to get from the collection. If I make it to a store in the city this week, would definitely check them out. One of them is the blush. Such a pretty coral shade.


  1. hello! these are lovely, im so jealous!

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    1. I still want a few items from the collection but they are still sold out online. By the time I hit a store in the city, they would be all gone.

  2. too cute!


    1. I'm a big Archie comic fan and the packaging is to die for.

  3. The packaging sure is cute ^^ The brushes look so cool, I wouldn't even want to use them LOL Is it weird that my eyes were drawn to the tin? I kinda collect tins of various kinds LOL ^^ xx

    1. I had the same thoughts too. I am saving the tin for some of my jewelry storage :)

  4. Oh my God, those brushes are soo cute ^^ :)


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