Mar 12, 2013

Lilac & Beauty Blender Dupe

Spring should be around the corner but for the meantime, still have to layer up for some cold mornings.

Lilac is one of my favorite spring colors. Not as "cute-sey"(I'm sure this is not a word) as pink but very spring-like.

Lands' End cable knit sweater
J. Crew checkered shirt
J. Crew pixie pant

Just bought a few of these beauty-blender "dupes". I have been wanting to try the beauty blender for a while but just cannot justify in spending $20 on a beauty sponge. Decided to give these Soho ones a try.

I am not sure if these are discontinued or not as I cannot find these at my local Walmart anymore. I got these on ebay.

I haven't used the original beauty blender so I cannot do a comparison. But this is quite good for the price I paid ( paid around $4 each). I have used this for almost 10 days now and use it daily. No wear and tear yet and very absorbent and seems to do quite a good job in blending. I use it mainly to blend my multiple concealers and corrector for my under eye area. 


  1. Ohhh thats quite interesting, Ive never used one before. It sounds like it would be great for concealers, are these ones re-usable? haha cuz the ones I use to blend my concealers are daily uses only.

    1. it is great for blending concealers and foundation. They are for multiple usage. Just have to clean it after a couple of uses. The ones I used before are for for single usages too and they are not even close to what these do. Really make blending foundation and concealers much easier and look flawless.

  2. This year i am really starting to love lavender.I am not a pink girl either,so lavender is a nice girly color.
    Have you tried the boyshirt in neon lavender?I love mine so much!

  3. I've always wanted to try the beauty blender, and this looks like a great dupe!

    FYI, I had to re-follow you on GFC because on my reading list a different blog was showing up under your name. I think it was because you changed your URL, and now someone else is using it (at least I think, but I know it wasn't you and I was quiet confused!). I was linked to the old one, but didn't want to miss out, so I had to unfollow to refollow! Just wanted to let you know, maybe it was a problem with my reading list! Sorry for rambling :)