Jun 12, 2013

June Topbox 2013

Yes, it is that time of the month again. Beauty boxes starting to arrive and I cannot be more happy about receiving them.

I opted for the Estee Lauder prive box this month. I have not been trying out a lot of Estee Lauder products before so decided to give it a go.

Includes 3 sample sized products: 
  • Perfectionist(CP+R), wrinkle lifting/firming serum (.24 fl oz/7 ml)
  • Advanced Time Zone, age reversing line/wrinkle-creme broad spectrum SPF 15 (.17oz/5ml)
  • Idealist, Even skintone illuminator(.24 fl oz/7ml)

"Supercharge your skin, breakthrough CPR-75 technology is proven to double skin's natural collagen building power."

I am always excited to try out new anti-aging products. These products are quite pricey and I definitely want to try out a good sample size before investing my money on those. 

"Our revolutionary Tri-HA cell signaling complex helps skin boost its natural production of line-plumping hyaluronic acid by 182% in just 3 days."

I don't know a lot about these fancy beauty chemical terms. Will have to do some research on line and learn more as to whether this cream is gentle enough to apply to delicate eye area.

"The first fast-acting serum from Estee Lauder Research proven to dramatically reduce the look of uneven skintone, including redness, acne marks, dark spots, sun spots and discolorations."

This one I understand better and most excited to try out. I guess will apply this as a primer after my usual morning moisturizer to even out skintone and reduce redness and a few high pigmentation spots.

Even though I am only getting 3 sample sized products in this Estee Lauder prive box, I am very happy with the products. They are quality products which I feel I can get a good taste of them before deciding to invest my money on the full-sized products.

What did you get in your June Topbox? Share in the comments below :)


  1. I'm on top box waiting list but not sure I'm in love enough with what I've seen to sub if I actually get a stop... it is a great chance to test out products though and I hope you enjoy these ones! I do want to try out serums soon, I have a vitamin c one I am planning to order :) I hope you enjoy your box!


    1. TopBox just started their one brand prive boxes this year, meaning you have an option of picking your boxes. No guarantee though but I usually get what I picked. I like their regular boxes with different brands also. All depends on what your preference is. I was on their waiting list for the longest time and this is one of the longest beauty subscriptions I have stuck to. Hope you will get on and try it out.