Jun 24, 2013

My Summer Essentials

Summer is here and I like to keep my makeup minimal for the hot humid months.

Batiste Dry Shampoo(Original)
I only wash my hair every other day and use Batiste dry shampoo in (between to keep my hair looking fresh. I have tried a few scents from Batiste and still like the original the best. The pink one(floral scent) leaves grey, white residue on my dark hair and it takes much longer to brush it out.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen
This is my all time favorite sunscreen. I use sunscreen pretty much every day all year around. This ultra-light fluid sunscreen provides UVA/UVB spectrum. My skin gets more oily in the summer months and this sunscreen does not grease me up nor break me out. Highly recommended.

Chanel CC Cream
I have been in love with my new Chanel CC cream(see my first impression post here). I have been using this consistently for 3 weeks now. This has a very light coverage. Holds up extremely well on hot days. It basically does not move and when I checked my face at the end of the day, it looks exactly like when I first applied it. So impressed with this product. It does correct my redness and minor blemishes. 

Vichy DermaBlend Fluid Corrective Foundation in Nude
For days that I need extra coverage, I apply this foundation, usually a few dots on my blemishes. This gives great coverage and you only need a few dots and blend it out nicely to get the natural finish look.

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub
I exfoliate my skin more in the summer time to clear pores. This is an awesome exfoliater. But if you have very sensitive skin, I would not recommend this as you may find the coarse salt too rough on your skin.

Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder
Use this powder to set my CC cream every day. Skin stays matte throughout the day. Love this!

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
For minimal makeup looks, I tend to grab this palette more and more. Pretty and soft matte shades. Perfect for everyday wear.

MAC Nude on Board Prolong Wear Bronzer
This soft brown bronzer is my favorite bronzer so far. I use it pretty much every day since I got it. Not orange, not yellow on me and it just gives me the healthiest glow on my face.

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia
This lip butter must be one of the most popular lip products since the EOS lip balm. I got mine a month ago from Shoppers Drug Mart and once I started to use this, I can totally understand what the rave is about. I apply it and it is so moisturizing. It lasts quite a long time too. I apply it before I go to sleep at nite and by morning time comes, my lips still feel moisturized. Will have to go around and look for other flavors as well.


  1. Nice picks, I love Batiste too. If you can get your hands on the "Refresh" scent it's even better than the original at making your hair feel clean.

    1. thanks for recommending. I will have to check out Refresh for sure.

  2. Sigh really want the vanilla and macadamia lip butter but I have so many! great batch of products though, I've been using a tinted moisturizer in summer and also really like the light coverage it provides. I can't brush my hair after dry shampoo so I don't think it really works for me but have heard great things about batiste and may have to give it a try sometime!


    1. I was addicted to EOS lip balm for so long and I stocked up on those. Now with the Nivea Lip Butter, I am starting on my hunt for more flavors. Unfortunately, they are not so readily available in my area. Heading to the city this week and will have to continue my search. For dry shampoo, I usually spray it on my roots and let it sit for a bit before brushing it out. Hope you will get a chance to try it!

  3. This is an amazing list of products xx


  4. I really need to get a Nivea Lip Butter soon!!! :)
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    -Jenna <3

    1. it is really worth all the hype. I just wish I can get the other flavors as well. So hard to find them here in Canada :(