Aug 12, 2013

August Ipsy Bag 2013

Excited to receive my August Ipsy bag on time this month. Actually it is earlier than usual but who would complain? My other beauty subscription box, Topbox, will be arriving last week of the month though.

I haven't done any peeking this month for the Ipsy bag so it is a total surprise.

August Ipsy Bag's theme is Glamour Academy

Comes in a very pretty purple bag with gold Ipsy prints. Very chic. Resembles the pattern from Juicy Couture.

5 Products included for this month's bag:
noya Natural lip balm in Cherry(0.15 oz)
Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in No. 2 Blackest Black (0.105 oz)
Pacifica Alight Multumineral BB cream(0.34 fl oz)
Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutriend Rich Facial Mask (1 fl oz)
Mica Beauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in 17 Bronze (0.10 oz)

Very excited to receive and finally have a chance to try the raved organic skincare brand: Michael Todd. I am sent the pumpkin facial mask. The consistency is not too thick and resembles exactly what mashed-up pumpkin would look like. It scents just like pumpkin and I am excited to try this out.

The Mica Beauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder, however, is not too promising. I have been sent a few products from the brand before and never been a fan of it. This one is a shimmer powder. It slides on the skin pretty easy so I may give it a try as a highlighter.

Happy to receive another Pacifica product as I love their body lotion and still haven't been able to find where I can purchase them in Canada yet. I have tried many Target stores and Whole Foods in the Toronto area and still haven't got any luck.(**edit, I just found out carries the brand yeah :)This time, I am sent a BB cream. I am a BB cream fan and this one seems very smooth and not sticky. Coverage is sheer though so will have to see.

Other 2 products in this bag is the noya cherry lip balm and the Pixi lash booster mascara which are ok but not overly excited about these. But overall very happy about my August Ipsy bag. The Michael Todd mask and the Pacifica BB cream make up for the other so-so products for the bag.

What did you get in your August Ipsy bag? Are you happy with what you get this month?


  1. I really want to try michael todd as well! the pumpkin one sounds amazing. I'm hoping to sub to Ipsy in September :)

    1. I have always wanted to try Michael Todd's products as they are so popular on youtube. I have tried the mask and it is quite nice. Skin would feel a slight "burning" feeling for a few seconds though but afterwards, it feels fully exfoliated and cleansed. Ipsy has very consistent products monthly and I enjoy my sub very much. Hope you will like yours :)

  2. Ooo I'm looking forward to receiving mine!

    1. I heard people are getting their bags pretty late this month. Hope you got yours already :)

  3. Ahhh I've always wanted to try out the ipsy bag! I've heard good reviews about the Michael Todd product :) Lucky you!

    Thanks so much for following me by the way!!! Following you now too

    A Splash Of Tan

    1. I have subscribed to Ipsy for a while and they have pretty consistent good products month after month. One of the best beauty bags in my opinion. I have always wanted to try Michael Todd's products and so glad I have a chance to now and will probably buy from their website soon.

      Thanks for dropping by, very sweet of you :)


  4. Great review!

    Never really seen their products :D

    Inspiration is what I get from reading your blog,
    So that deserves a new follower :)

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



    The Fashion Milkshake
    How cool are fold-able flats?!

  5. Wow the Ipsy Glam Bag looks amazing! MicaBeauty's shimmer powder is actually quite decent, considering that all other lip products they have aren't that fantastic apart from their vibrant colours...

    They did say that the product can have other uses, you can check out my post on the other uses here, I am sure you will find some of them quite useful~

    I also followed you, found a new blog to follow ^^ If you'd like to, please follow me back too? xP

    <3 Celly

    1. Yes, very pleased with my products from my Ipsy bag this month. Have tried a few products and loving them so far.

      Thanks for visiting. Following you back :)

  6. You're lucky that you got the Pumpkin Mask and BB Cream from Pacifica. I would have liked mine a lot more if I had gotten those things and the Urban Decay lipstick! Stopping by and following you from the blog hop.

    Améliorer la Vie

    1. we should have switched bags! I'd rather have the charcoal mask you got :) I really want to try the UD's new raved lipstick. But the shades I see in most bloggers are pretty bright. Guess I will have to make a trip to Sephora REAL SOON.

      Thanks for visiting, following back :)