Dec 19, 2013

$5 Deals at Target

I am so happy that the Target store near my parents' house is now open and it has become my favorite hangout place. Sipping a yummy peppermint mocha from Starbucks while browsing in the store is such a simple joyful pleasure for me.

When I was there earlier in the week, I saw racks and racks of clothing marked down to $5 and the staff was just preparing the rack so tons and tons of sizes available. Bet they would be gone fast.

Found this lightweight cotton quilted bomber jacket for $5. Can't believe it when I saw it. It is a shorter style so I would pair it with a longer top underneath. 

I don't know what the original price was but for $5, I think it is an awesome deal.

This is a Mossimo grey 3/4 sleeve turtleneck. It is quite soft and I like the longer style so I can wear with leggings. I got this in size L for the extra length.

This is a sweater from the brand Xhilaration. It is dark grey with pink flowers. Very cute. Of course, the quality is not that great but it is very soft and not itchy. 

Last item I got is this Mossimo dark purple short sleeve tee with a front pocket. I love Missimo tees because they are so soft and hold up well after many washes.

I love it when I find great deals. Sometimes when I go get a hot drink at Starbucks, it cost more than $5.    So would you rather have a drink or a piece of clothing item for that price?


  1. Great deals!
    I am alwaysnat my Target and come home with all this stuff:)

    1. such great deals there that I wasn't planning on getting any clothes there but came home with all these.

  2. Love finding crazy deals like that at Target! I can hang out there all afternoon, too. LoL. Great finds!

    1. I love shopping there and too bad we don't have one in the town I live in.