Dec 17, 2013

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask Review

I have tried a lot of new treatment masks this year. My skin does not break out too often but when it does, it leaves high pigmentation marks which would take a long time to clear. So when I see minor breakouts approaching, I would try to treat them before they get full-blown.

I bought this GlamGlow Gift Sexy from Sephora a couple of weeks ago and have been trying it out. Let me tell you, I haven't seen such amazing results on my skin with one single use. 

This set comes with a GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment (1.2 oz) and a YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment(0.5 oz) at CAD $75. It is so pricey and this is why I waited so long to try this out.

I have tried the YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment in a deluxe travel size during the Sephora VIB sale. The 0.5 oz can actually last me 4 good uses which is not too bad. The sensation is very tingling but I find the results are not as impressive. It is very similar to the Origins Charcoal Mask which is much more affordable. 

The packaging of this set is very cute. It comes in a cube box which can be opened two ways. One way is with the pink side as seen in the first picture. When you open the box the other way, it is with the blue side as seen here. Guess the mask is marketed towards both women and men. 

I have tried the SuperMud Clearing Treatment for the past week. I used it every other day. I apply the mask with a foundation mask as suggested by many who reviewed on the product. That way, less product is used and can be applied to face more evenly. It has a mild herbal scent which is pleasant. It has little bits of chunks of herbs in the mask. When you apply it on your face, within a minute, you would see the mask slowly drying up. When it is totally dried up(usually within 15 mins), the mask turns from a deep grey color to a light grey color. With problem area on your face, you can actually see impurities extracted from your pores. As disgusting as it sounds, I find great joy in seeing the "dirt" and excess oil extracted from my enlarged pores, especially on my nose and on the sides of my cheeks. I then rinse my face off with water and a wash cloth. With my first use, I found pores immediately tightened which I have never experienced with any other facial masks I have used before. Also, my face feels so soft. It is actually so soft that it amazes myself. It is as soft as a baby's bottom, not exaggerating. I continue to use the mask every other day and find same results. Every time, my pores tightened a little bit more and cleansed. You would think that after such a deep cleansing treatment, your skin would be so dry. But it is not the case. It just feels thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated. It is such an amazing mask that even though it is so pricey, it would become a staple in my skincare routine.

Have you tried any product from GlamGlow? Do you have a favorite facial treatment that you cannot live without?


  1. Have heard great things about this! great review and convincing too :)

    XX Jeeshan

  2. I haven't tried Glam Glow yet, but I really want the Super Mud mask! Sounds amazing!

  3. I saw this being used in a video and was intrigued because the before and after was quite pronounced. I really want to try this now after hearing your positive review but the price definitely is a deterrent!