Dec 2, 2013

OOTD J. Crew Factory Beaded Sweatshirt

Another snowy day for us here. Can't believe we had so much snow within this week.

At least the temperature has risen a bit and it is not as bone-chilling as the past couple of days.

J. Crew Factory beaded sweatshirt in size S (heresim here)
old Banana Republic cotton turtleneck
Zara navy leggings in M (here)

I am all into dressing comfy in the cold winter months. I love wearing leggings and this Zara leggings have become my new favorite( to replace my J. Crew pixie pants). I wore my J. Crew pixie pants to death last season. As much as I love them, I am really not a fan of the hook at the back of the pants which make things difficult at times.  This Zara pair has wide elastic waistband which makes it so comfortable that I can literally sleep in these. I got these in black and navy.

My dog likes to lounge on "his" door mat and refuses to move an inch to let me take these pictures. Funny dog.

This factory version of the jeweled sweatshirt is quite easy to style. I usually style it casually with a long tee or turtleneck underneath. It is more fitted but not as fitted as the J. Crew version.


  1. I am all about comfort in the winter too.So glad we dont have a real winter in Atlanta?
    Love the sweatshirt on you!

    1. you guys are so lucky to have warmer winter. It is beautiful and festive for winter wonderland but when you have to be on the roads, it is not fun at all. Thank you, so sweet of you :)

  2. What a fun sparkly sweatshirt!

    My current fave leggings are cheapies from Target. Granted they are a bit sheer so I only wear them at home under longer tops but they are soooooo comfy, I have slept in them!

    1. I love the J. Crew version but that one fits small and I like sweatshirt to be a bit roomy. Will have to check out leggings at Target when I go to the city. A gal can never have enough leggings :)