Jan 25, 2014

It Cosmetics New Year New You 5PC Set

Two weeks ago, It Cosmetics was featured on the Shopping Channel. After my first purchase from the Shopping Channel(like QVC in U.S.), I quite enjoy the products featured there and the shipping is always fast and reliable.

It Cosmetics New Year New You 5 PC collection (here)

Celebration Foundation Illumination in Medium
Feel the Moment Primer
Eyelift in a Tube(Bye Bye Under Eye concealer&Hello Light liquid brightener)
Fan Brush
Foundation Brush
and the little silver measuring cup-like thing is a fan brush stand

I should have mentioned that this set sells for regularly CAD $79.99. On the promotion weekend when I bought, it was $59.99. I am most interested in trying this Feel the Moment serum which alone goes for $48.99 so I ended up getting the whole set for a few dollars more.

Feel the Moment Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating Sensory Awakening Primer Serum:
Feel the Moment is a revolutionary anti-aging, sensory treatment skin serum and primer in onea true sensory spa experience in a bottle! Caviar extract, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides and silk all work to help nourish, hydrate, prep and prime the skin, while vitamins A, C and E, deep ocean water, argan, jojoba and avocado oil infusions help skin stay soft and supple!

Celebration Foundation Illumination:
Celebration Foundation Illumination is the next generation of IT Cosmetics's full coverage anti-aging foundation. It is formulated with hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, anti-oxidants and Drops of Light™ Technology for the ultimate, soft, candlelit glow complexion. This foundation is formulated with good-for-you ingredients, including niacin, hyaluronic acid, rose, silk and aloe, which help leave your skin
fresh and hydrated.

Eyelift In A Tube Dual Concealer & Brightener: 
The Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer & Hello Light Liquid Brightener Eyelift In A Tube is your secret weapon for bright eyes and beautiful skin.  It is formulated with hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, anti-oxidants and drops of Light Technology™ for an instant flawless, radiant complexion. Key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacin and vitamins C, A, and E help your skin look younger. 


I have their Bye Bye UnderEye concealer which has become my holy grail from last year (see my previous post for my review and magic it does for my dark circles. This tube has the concealer which is of a slightly different consistency than the one I have. This one is more liquid-ey and appears to be much easier to blend. Also this tube will be very handy for traveling.

I am glad I picked the Celebration Foundation Illumination in medium. I was contemplating in getting it in light but glad I picked this shade as it matches my skin much better.

The foundation is very creamy and blends beautifully into my skin(you can barely see the little swatch on my hand).

When shopping with the Shopping Channel, I have always been rewarded gift certificates which I could use towards future purchase. I had an $15 certificate and I used it with this order, making this set only for $45. I thought it is an awesome deal.

Another product I want to try from It Cosmetics is their new CC cream. But unfortunately it is not yet available with the Shopping Channel yet. 

Have you tried any product from It Cosmetics?


  1. Their CC cream is amazing!!! I am wearing it today and bought it directly from their website. I'd love to try everything you reviewed here too!
    The Grass Skirt

    1. You're so lucky. I want to get the cc cream so bad but the shipping from their website to Canada is just outrageous. Hope it will come to Shopping Channel soon for cheaper shipping.