Mar 3, 2014

NYX Butter Gloss

There is a lot of hype about the NYX butter gloss and I am in Canada and Rexall carries NYX but none of the stores near me carry the butter gloss. 

I was in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised that Paper Destiny at the St. Laurent mall carries these. I did a few swatches and did the sniff test. I have a serious dislike of strong scent from lip glosses(ever since I bought the Rimmel Apocalips online and the strong plastic scent really turned me off) and wanted to make sure they smell ok. They do not have the whole collection of new butter gloss so I got mine on ebay.

I got 3 shades and I picked my usual mauve nude pink shades as they go well with every lipsticks.

BLG07 Tiramisu, BLG17 Ginger Snap & BLG14 Madeline

From left to right: Tiramisu, Ginger Snap & Madeline

I have tried other NYX lip glosses. The texture of those is quite sticky to my taste. But these butter gloss is so smooth. Not as sheer as your regular lip glosses and definitely not sticky. 


Ginger Snap


Madeline and Tiramisu are quite similar. Madeline has more pink in it and Tiramisu has more of a brownish tone. Ginger snap is the darkest of the three I got. There are other brighter pink and red shades in the collection if you prefer those.

Overall, very happy and impressed with NYX butter glosses. They wear well and the name suits them perfectly. They are just like butter. So smooth and creamy on your lips. Typical wear time is a few hours in average. They are going to become staples in my purse. Have you tried these? What are the shades you got?


  1. i've been dying to try those NYX glosses, I definitley will now i've read this review!
    brilliant choice of colours.

    1. I just wish these are more readily available here in Canada and they are so hard to get. Is it hard to get NYX in UK?

  2. I haven't tried any of these yet! I need to pick up some pink shades for myself :)

    1. these are really awesome for the price. I am thinking of getting more shades, probably some coral/pinks for the summer. Hope you will like them as much as I do :)

  3. I like bright colors but those look pretty on you. I'm in Canada too and I hate when I can't find beauty products. I just came back from LA last night so I got a bunch of goodies lol.


    1. bright and vibrant colors look so good on you :) Can't wait to see your LA haul!