Jul 20, 2014

Possibly the Best Eyeliner

I have been loyal to my Physician's Formula Booster Eyeliner for many years. I love the fact that it is drug store and it is very black. The tip of the liner is precise and stays put for a long time. I have been tempting to do the winged eye look but with the Physician's Formula one, the tip is quite soft and flexible so it is quite hard to control the winged look.

I got the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner with the recommendation from youtube guru EssieButton. I got it from Sephora last week and have been practicing my winged eye line. So far I find it much easier to achieve the desired winged line with the brush tip of this eyeliner than my Physician's Formula one. 

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Ink Black (CAD $22)

The brush tip is stiff and the felt-tip can still give very precise definition. 

With just one stroke, it may not appear too black.

With 2 strokes, you can layer it and go over it back and forth to achieve the desired blackness.

I am not very steady with my hands and I am new to doing winged eye lines and I find this Kat Von D Tattoo Liner the perfect liner to do so, especially if you are a beginner of winged lines like me. 

Do you do winged eye lines? What eye liner do you recommend?


  1. I've heard many good things about this Kat Von D liner as well!
    I am not very good with felt tip eyeliners and have only experienced a few, so no real recommendation from me although I like my Milani Eye Tech Extreme. This is one is very black and affordable. :)

    1. I have tried the Milani liquif'eye liner and enjoy it. Will have to try the Eye Tech Extreme. Just wish Milani is more readily available in Canada. Only a handful of drugstores carry the brand.

  2. I just use an angle brush with cream/gel liner to stamp on the wing part, much easier than freehand with felt or liquid. The Sephora cream liner is quite good for its price I find :)