Jul 27, 2014

"The One & Only" Tag

I rarely do tags but came across this one which sounds like a lot of fun.

If You Could Have Only One ____________, What Would It Be and Why?

PRIMER: This one is easy as I mentioned in my July empties post, L'Oreal Magic Illuminating Primer. I am into healthy glowy looks for the summer and this one is the one. Kind of pricey for a drugstore primer(CAD $13) and I usually would grab it while it is on sale.

BASE PRODUCT: Another easy category for me :) Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. I started using this last fall and have loved it the first day I applied. It is a light to medium coverage foundation and gives the most beautiful natural finish. Only foundation so far that I don't have to powder throughout the day keep my skin matte all day long. 

POWDER: Ok, this one is hard as I have 2 I always grab. Well, decision decision..... Hourglass Ambient Powder in Dim Light. I have purchased so many powder before and it took me a long time to find one which gives natural finish without making my skin cakey.

CONCEALER: I have been using the Collection 2000 Concealer for a couple of years now. It is not available in Canada and I get mine from ebay sellers in U.K. It is creamy, great coverage and stay put. It is so affordable(even with the shipping to Canada, around $15). 

BLUSH: Now I'm torn. I have a few blush that I can't live without. But if I have to choose one, I would pick Becca Beach Tinted Souffle in Watermelon. I love natural flush and not only this blush is beautiful and the lasting power is impressive, it also gives my cheeks a healthy glow. When I went home for a visit for 2 weeks, that's the only blush I used the entire 2 weeks.

EYEBROW PRODUCT: This one is easy. As mentioned in my July empties, Lioele AutoBrow is my go-to. It has a slanted tip and it is easy and effortless to do my brows in the morning. Again, this one is not readily available here in Canada so I rely on ebay. It is so affordable and last a long time.

BRONZER: I only have a handful of bronzers in my collection and the one I always grab is the Solei Tan de Chanel. It is a cream bronzer and the shade is awesome for both bronzing and contouring. I have it for a while and it barely looks used so even though it is pricey, it will last me a long time.

MAKEUP BRUSH: Nars Ita Brush is my pick. I use that daily for contouring. It is an interesting looking brush and it has a dense rectangular head. It is perfect for unskilled contour-er like me. Just dip the brush in my Solei Tan de Chanel along the hollows of my cheeks, "sweep" it back and forth and that's it, easy breezy.

MASCARA: I have stubborn straight Asian lashes and only use waterproof versions. I have tried quite a few and only a couple could work on my lashes without weighing them down. L'oreal Telescopic Shocking Extension Waterproof Mascara is my pick. It keeps my lashes curled all day and does not clump. Gives my lashes length which is so awesome.

EYESHADOW: Now, it is tough. How can you pick one single eyeshadow? I would have to pick Nooner from Urban Decay Naked Palette 3. It is a pretty medium rose-brown matte shade. It can be used over the lid or I apply it on my outer corners together with a cream neutral shade.

EYELINER: Even though I have a new favorite I just purchased on my visit home a couple of weeks ago, I have to stick with my favorite, Physician's Formula Eyeboost Liner. Easy to apply and give precise definition. Doesn't smudge and still relatively easy to remove at the end of the day.

LIPGLOSS: There is one lipgloss I keep re-purchasing and that tell you how much I love it. It is the Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian. It is a soft pale pink which goes so well over most of my lipsticks. If the lipstick color is too bright for my liking, I apply a thin layer of White Russian to tone it down a bit. It is not sticky and very moisturizing.

LIPSTICK: I have been branching out this year to try lipsticks outside my comfort zone. I used to wear only mauve, pink shades. Boring, right? This year, I have tried brighter shades and surprise myself that I like them so much. The one I grab the most is IOPE Water Fit Lipstick in shade 44 Forever Pink. If you're Asian and obsessed with Korean drama series, you know how popular this lipstick has become. Forever Pink is more subtle in real life than in pictures. It is one of the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever owned. Color is just gorgeous.

I am tagging anyone of you guys who want to do this fun tag. Do leave a link in the comment below!


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  2. Lots of brands I hadn't heard of! The Naked 3 is gorgeous! And I've heard a lot about the Lioele auto brow.
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