Aug 29, 2014

Food in the city

Eating out a lot when I am home in Toronto this week. So many restaurants to choose from in the big city.

Ramen at Koi Sakana

Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet @Essence of Unionville

I love desserts and what a great way to spend a weekend afternoon enjoying the tea buffet at Hilton Suite(Warden/Hwy 7, Markham). A great variety of finger sandwiches, macarons, cakes, scones etc. 

My absolute favorite salad is back at Panera Bread. It is the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad. It is available in the summertime and I probably have my fair share of indulging in this yummy salad this week. I had the 1/2 order of salad with a Thai Chicken flatbread sandwich.

My must-have when I'm having Chinese food is the sweet and sour pork and deep fried lobster. So yummy.

Burrito @ Mucho Burrito

Who doesn't like a good burrito? I paid my first visit to Mucho Burrito in Aurora. I had the Barbacoa(shredded beef) burrito, loaded with cheese, brown rice, black bean, salsa & my must-have: guacamole. 

Steak Burrito @Chipotle

I prefer the burrito at Chipotle. They are very similar in price. At Chipotle, you don't get to pick a size so if you have a small appetite, for sure, you won't be able to finish the whole thing. I am quite far away from Chipotle unfortunately so my next best choice would have to be Burrito Mucho.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend. Happy Labor Day!


  1. Nice post! heheh
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    1. thanks for dropping by, following your blog :)

  2. RAMEN <3

    Lauren Xx

    1. I love ramen so much! It is my perfect lunch.