Sep 1, 2014

Asian Makeup Haul

Have been a while since I paid a visit to the Pacific Mall in Markham. For those of you who are not familiar, it is an Asian Mall which open 365 days a year. It is the largest indoor asian mall in North America. Stores range from car accessories, clothing and accessories, shoes, CD's & DVD's, optical, health food, home appliances and of course the ones I'm most interested in is beauty.

There are lots of Asian brands of cosmetics which is so hard to find anywhere else. 

3CE (3 Concept Eyes) Waterful Concealer in 002
3CE Tinted Lip Balm
Mamonde Vivid Touch Moisture Lipstick in #19

Ever since I got my hands on the ever-so-popular Korean brand, IOPE, Waterfit Lipstick in #44 Forever Pink(see my post for review), I am hooked on to Asian cosmetic brands. My visit to the Pacific Mall was mainly to search for more shades in the same collection. Unfortunately, I could not find any. 

Instead, I was told by the sales associate from Amore that Mamonde is a brand in the same company as IOPE and Vivid Touch Moisture Lipstick is very similar to the formula to IOPE Waterfit. Indeed, it is very similar and except for a slight hint of floral scent to the lipstick, it is quite similar t
o my beloved #44 Forever Pink lipstick.

3 CE is the cosmetic line launched by the Korean brand, Stylenanda, which is popular for its trendy clothing and accessories line.  I also heard 3 CE being described as the MAC brand in Asia. I want to try their concealer and I picked the Waterful Concealer which can be applied to under eye area, all over the face or to cover blemishes. They also have another concealer in the fluid stick form, which is quite similar to the Nars creamy concealer I just purchased.

The last product I picked up is the 3CE tinted lip balm. I would have never thought of picking this up if the sales lady has not shown it to me. It looks like an ordinary pale pink colorless lip balm. But in fact, it would change color once applied. Very similar to the Dior Addict Glow in concept. I have the Dior one and this one is almost a perfect dupe for it, except it is less than half the Dior price tag.

Left: Mamonde Vivid Touch in #19
Right: 3CE Tinted Lip Balm

There are few more 3CE products I want to try out including their foundation. I find Asian brand foundation match my skin tone much better as mine has more yellow undertone.

Have you tried any Asian brand beauty products? 


  1. OMG i have that concealer too! it's amazing!!!

    Lauren xx

    1. glad you like the concealer and I am just testing it out these past couple of days and I really like it so far. Have you tried their waterful foundation as well?

  2. Ooh haven't heard of this brand before might be time to visit Pac mall again... wanna try that tinted lip balm!

    1. The tinted lip balm is highly recommended. I have the Dior one and this one feels so much nicer on the lips for much longer.

  3. I like the look of the tinted lip balm! The Dior Lip Glow is insanely popular in Korea and I've seen some dupes that even look like the Dior.
    I still prefer Japanese brands but I should look more into Korean ones, too. They bring out so many new things so fast it is hard to keep up! ;)

    1. I used to prefer the Japanese brands too but since my experience with IOPE is so awesome, decided to explore more into Korean brands and I really enjoy 3CE. The tinted lip balm is so great. I grab that more than my Dior one.

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  6. ahh pacific mall, it's so much fun walking around there haha, you picked up some nice stuff!