Oct 15, 2014

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum Review

I have been loving the "No Makeup Makeup" look. I am the type of gal who does not want to put on a ton of makeup but not fortunate enough to have the best of skin to run out bare-faced. 

Have been using the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum for over a month and I can honestly say it is the best foundation I have used and possibly my holy grail.

I got the deluxe sample size from Sephora and it is a decent sized product and I know I will HAVE to get the full-sized one. 

It is a 1 fluid oz bottle even though it may seem smaller than your regular sized foundation. It comes with a dropper which is so handy. 

The consistency of this foundation serum is quite watery so with the handy dropper, it makes getting out of the product a breeze. The foundation serum only comes in one shade unfortunately but I am fortunate enough that this matches my skin tone(I'm MAC NC 25-30 for reference). They also have another product No Bronzer Bronzer that you could add in to mix your own shade.

I use 3-4 droplets of foundation serum to do my entire face. I have tried different ways to apply it: using my fingers, a flat kabuki brush and a beauty blender. The results are quite similar. This foundation gives light to medium coverage. It just evens out my skin tone. The "your skin but better" result is just amazing. I have oily combo skin and this serum is more suitable for oily skin. This is the only foundation that I don't need a primer or a setting powder to achieve the best result. 

As you can see in the above picture, after blending, it just gives the most natural sheen/glow. Who would think an oily combo skin gal could achieve the pretty glow look without looking like a grease ball? 

Since it is not just a foundation but has skin care properties like toning, firming, pore and wrinkle-minimizing and the best part is it already has broad spectrum SPF 30, it is perfect for gals who have all kinds of excuses not to put on sunscreen with their makeup.

Yes, this foundation is a bit pricey but you only need a couple of droplets for each use. To me, it is totally worth it as it saves me so much time in the morning. For rushed mornings, I just use a few drops and blend them with my fingers, put on some blush, tinted lip balm, mascara and I am decent enough to go out and still look presentable.

Have you tried any other products from Perricone MD?


  1. I have the No Foundation Foundation, and I really like it. It's super easy, and looks just about the same as the serum. :)

    1. I think the foundation and the serum is quite similar but the serum is more for oily skin which suits me perfect.

  2. This sounds so cool and I love how it's so beneficial for your skin too instead of just covering it up. Why do you think it's only best suited for oily skin types?

    1. This serum is best at controlling oil and I find it kind of cling on to dry spots. If you have drier skin, I suggest you moisturizer well before applying.

  3. When I tried this at the store, it felt like a dry oil almos. Very cool product though and it feels super nice on the skin. I love that it's more on the "skincare" side of things with all the benefits!