Nov 11, 2014

Sweater Season Begins at J. Crew

Cooler weather is here and where else to shop other than J. Crew?

Oversize sweatshirt in exploded floral size S

This is slightly oversized and boxy. I still picked my regular size s and it fits right. I like sweatshirts oversized as I like to layer it with a collared shirt sometimes for dressier looks.

Lambswool zip sweater in colorblock in size S

This is currently on sale online. I love colorblock sweaters. But this one does not feel too soft to the touch.

Pierced Pinstripe sweatshirt in size S

Really like the pattern on this sweatshirt and the fit of this. I like J. Crew sweatshirts as they are not your typical casual sweatshirt. Most days, I find myself wearing more sweatshirts with a shirt underneath than sweaters unless it is really cold. 

Blurred ikat top

I was drawn to this ikat top. But when I took it to the fitting room, I realized it has a half-zipper at the back. I don't like back zipper for tops or for bottoms. My hair always gets stuck at the zipper. And for bottom, it is just pure inconvenient. This is in size S and the fit is ok. But when I tried to take it off, I had a hard time. I guess the cut is more slimming for the back and for the arms. Pass on this one.

Where is your favorite place to shop for sweaters/sweatshirts?

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