Dec 11, 2014

Which Hydrating Mask is Worth your Bucks

Colder weather is here and all through my adolescent years, I never thought my combo skin would need so much hydration. But let me tell you, hydration is everything. It keeps your skin moisturized and plumped and it would also keep blemishes to a minimal.

I have tried a few and their price range varies. If you're looking for a good valued hydrating mask, keep reading.

First up is a sheet mask from the popular Asian brand, My Beauty Diary. I have tried many from the brand and only a handful works for me and this Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask is one of them. This comes in a box of 10 and I usually get mine from TNT supermarket(Asian grocery store chain in Canada) for about $15. I apply this after I cleanse my face at night and leave it on for about 30 mins. It has a gel type texture and after I remove the mask, I don't rinse my face off with water, I just massage gently the residue into my skin to maximize the moisturizing effect. For the price(average of $1.50 each mask), it is quite good. 

The Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask is the latest addition to my skincare routine. If you love mango scented products, you HAVE to get this. The scent is just amazing. It has a slightly thicker texture. I leave it on overnight and my skin feels so hydrated and plumped the next morning. It is not too sticky so I don't have to worry about smearing half of the product onto my pillow cases.  This one is $29.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud is the most expensive one. It is $76 a jar. It is coconut-scented. Out of all the masks, this has the thickest texture and I find it a bit too sticky to use overnight. I usually leave it on for a good 3 hours before rinsing off. But I find if I leave it on overnight, the result is better. However, I just cannot stand leaving the mask on all night long. I sleep on my side and most of the product is transferred to my pillow case and duvet cover. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack has a gel-like texture. It is around $25-30 for 80 ml. The one I have is a 20ml trial pack with the serum. The little gar last me more than 10+uses and still got 1/4 left. I have no problem leaving this one on overnight and my skin feels moisturized and softer in the morning. Will definitely re-purchase this in its full size after I'm done with this.

Last but not least is Fresh Rose Face Mask. It is $68 for 3.4 oz. I did not purchase this but I have tried a deluxe sized sample of this which last me more than 5 uses. This, as its name suggested, is rose-scented. I leave it on for 20 mins after I wash my face at night and find this would be a perfect quick moisturizing mask if you are pressed for time. You know, sometimes, you're in a big rush and your skin is dry and flaky and none of the foundation seem to be applied well. This would come in super handy. 

Out of the ones I have tried, the Origins Drink Up mask is the best valued one. I highly recommend that. What is your favorite hydrating mask?


  1. i just got a mini origins in a sephora set and i am super excited to try it out now!

    1. I was bummed that I didn't get the Origins set from Black Friday. Looking forward to read your review on this.

  2. Oooh thanks for this. The weather has left my skin feeling very thirsty, so I like that the Origins one worked best. :] // ▲ ▲

    1. The cold weather certainly does dry out our skin faster. Hope you will get a chance to try it.