Jan 1, 2015

New Year Resolutions anyone?

Happy New Year! Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy 2015!

I used to make New Year resolutions. Like do more exercise, eat healthier etc but always slack off after the first couple of weeks. Now, I just do more general resolutions. I would do things moderately. I love sweets and I would allow myself to have some, but only in moderation. I don't go on diets anymore as I would try so hard at the beginning and at the end of it, would jump off the wagon and over-eat to compensate for what I have missed.

However, one resolution I am trying to do this year is to "LIMIT" my makeup purchases. I am sure this happens to some of you. When you see a new product released, and after reading some reviews, you convince yourself that you NEED that in your life. But very often, that product would end up at the bottom of your makeup vanity, barely touched. Money and precious space wasted. So I will have to put a limit on myself, like limit to buying certain number of products or when I buy a new product, I will have to use one up first. What are your thoughts?

Anyway, I have a couple of random purchases since I came home to Toronto for a visit after Christmas.

Josie Maran Model Citizen Argan Cleansing Oil

Josie Maran Argan Cleaning Oil is in my regular skin care routine. When I saw this on sale at Sephora website, decided to give this a try. The regular one is a steep $40 and this one was on sale for $29 and I got it with the 20% off so making this more affordable. The only difference between this and the regular one is this contains African red rooibans, making the scent a little sweeter. Otherwise, the consistency of the oil is exactly the same.

Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Bubble Bath
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown

I have tried bubble bath from Bath and Body Works before and really enjoy it. Even though it is not as moisturizing as other brands, it produces tons of bubbles which last and this Pink Chiffon scent is quite nice.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream is my regular morning eye cream and I am almost out so need to pick one up.

Anastasia Brow Wiz is my latest brow product. I got the shade Ebony last month and found it a bit too dark so I did my first ever Sephora exchange and got dark brown which is a shade lighter.

My brother and sister-in-law just returned from Las Vegas from their Christmas vacation and brought back some goodies for me. Lollipops from See's Candies :) So yummy. I used to eat See's candies(cafe latte flavor) when I was growing up and they are so hard to find here in Canada. I asked for a small package but they couldn't find it so they got me a big box of lollipops which has a variety of vanilla, chocolate and cafe latte flavored ones. Also got a nice makeup bag from Le Sportsac and a glow-in-the dark M &M's tee.


  1. I love that one of your resolutions is to limit the amount you spend on make-up because I'm trying to buy more make-up! Haha xxx

    Lola| http://the-loladiaries.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I love buying makeup and that's one "expensive" hobby I have :) But I want to limit the amount I get this year as I bought extra storage for my makeup and it is all filled up already so I need to slow down a bit and pick what I really NEED.

  2. I heard that argan oil was very good, my sister just ordered it too.

    1. I am surprised I love argan oil as an oily combo skin type, I was so skeptical in applying oil as my skin care routine. I also use Joise Maran argan oil light which is not as heavy as the regular one.

  3. I definitely need to limit beauty purchases too, have made so many orders from Sephora in the last couple of months (and 2 more just yesterday thinking oh it's the last day of the sale!). I like your idea of using an item up first before getting to buy another one. I am also going to try and exercise and eat healthier, though I know by Feb it may die haha. Let's see how we all do in the new year!

    1. Yes, the Sephora really burnt a hole in my wallet in the past couple of months since their Family and family sale, VIB sale, $25 coupon and extra 20% off. It is only the third day in the new year and I have purchased 2 makeup items already!! My resolution doesn't look too promising :(