Jan 7, 2015

NYX Dark Circle Concealer

I am a concealer junkie(see post for my concealers' comparison). I have tried so many concealers and there are ones better for covering blemishes and redness and others for under eye area.

I have been using Graftobian corrector palette for almost 2 years now. I use mainly two shades to mix the right shade of salmon to cover my dark under eye area before applying other concealers.

As much as I love Graftobian, as it is the creamiest and easiest to blend for under eye area, the product is not easily accessible. So I have been looking around and saw NYX dark circle concealer at Target at $7.99.

There are 5 shades available and I got DCC02 Light.

Top: Graftobian Corrector Palette
Bottom: NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Left: Soft Orange(Graftobian)
Middle: NYX DCC02 Light
Right: Pink Hi-Lite(Graftobian)

I would say NYX light is between the two shades I use from the Graftobian Corrector Palette. The texture is very comparable. Only the NYX is not as creamy as the Graftobian one. Since I usually mix the Soft Orange and Pink Hi-Lite shades together all the time, NYX 002 looks like it is dead on when I mix the shades together.

First impression of NYX dark circle concealer: since I am so used to using a creamy corrector from Graftobian and apply with a concealer to help blend easier, I find best to apply the NYX one is to use fingertips. Just dab it on and use a sponge/beauty blender to help blend it in. I have only used it a few times and it hasn't creased on me. I have the habit of always setting my under eye concealer with a powder so maybe that helps a lot. The shade is a bit too light for my purpose. I think a shade darker and more salmon would suit better. But the Target I went to were out of the shade. 

Have you tried NYX dark circle concealer? What is your favorite under eye concealer?


  1. I haven't tried this concealer but it looks like it has decent coverage and I like how creamy it is. I may check it out. I hate covering dark circles.

    1. so challenging in finding a creamy and yet moisturizing under eye concealer as drier formula probably covers better but with dry under eye, it is not pretty. This one is quite good for its price.

  2. This looks so good i am going to add this to the beauty shopping list! Browse and follow my blog! http://jennifercooper99.blogspot.co.uk

    1. this is quite a good concealer, considering how affordable it is. Thanks for popping by, definitely going to check out your blog next :)

  3. haven't tried this. recently been using a sample of the cle de peau concealer, which i find difficult to use since it's so thick but the result looks great and doesn't crease. still considering whether i will splurge for the full product.

    1. I have tried Cle de peau concealer in store and as good as it seems, I think it is so hard to blend. Probably need more time to blend it out evenly to cover up. Considering how much it cost, I am trying to stay away :)