Sep 21, 2015

Burberry Mini Beauty Box

Burberry is now available at Sephora and I am very excited as I have always wanted to try their products. 

I got this Burberry Beauty Box last month and I don't think it is still available right now sadly. I thought it would be a great way to try out some products without breaking the bank.

Burberry Mini Beauty Box CAD $34

It comes in a very nice and sturdy box.

Included in this set:
Fresh Glow- Nude Radiance No.01 Luminous Fluid Base
Kisses- Military Red No.109 Hydrating Lip Color
Light Glow - Earthy Blush No.07 Contouring Powder Face & Eyes
Kabuki Brush

I am most excited about this earthy blush. It is very finely-milled and the shade is quite versatile. If you have pale skin, this could be used as a bronzer. But I use this as a blush. Haven't tried it as an eyeshadow yet.

The Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base comes in the shade No.01 which is a bit light for me. I have used this as a base and just apply concealer on top if I don't feel like having a full face of makeup. It has a light coverage and I love the luminous finish. 

Haven't tried the kabuki brush or the lipstick yet. The brush is perfect to throw in your purse for mid-day touch up and it comes with a velvet wrap so the powder residue would not be making a mess in your makeup  bag.

Overall, quite happy with this beauty box. For the value, I think it is a good deal to try out Burberry products. I like the blush the most and want to try out other shades.

Have you tried anything from Burberry? What is your favourite product?


  1. I LOVE burberry and I was tempted for this because of the blush, but since I don't really wear red lipstick I skipped. I have another Kissable lipstick though and it's fantastic. I'm excited burberry is getting more accessible, they make great products!

    1. I don't wear red lipstick either but this one is kind of a muted red and I blot it on and smudge it out and look quite nice. After this box, I am excited to try out more products from Burberry.

  2. this looks great! I can't believe Burberry has a beauty box!

    1. I was surprised this was available on the website as we don't get much exclusive goodies there anymore :( so I grabbed this when it first came out and of course this is out of stock now.

  3. I'm always in love with their packaging. I wouldn't definitely stop by the store to check this out. It looks so lovely!

    1. I am a big sucker for cute packaging and always been a big fan of Burberry. Very happy now that Burberry makeup products are more readily available here in Canada. Not so happy for my wallet though :(