Feb 25, 2016

Whole New Way to Wash Hair Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume

As long as I can remember, I have always shampoo my hair first and then apply conditioner. I have heard of the " reverse wash system" which is to condition first and then shampoo last, but never try it. The concept is to condition the hair first to soften it, then shampoo to wash away the weight. So the volumizing shampoo can do its magic at it max.

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume* just introduced a new set of products:

First up is the Pre-Wash Conditioner. I like the container equipped with a pump for easy dispensing. I rinse my hair thoroughly first. I wash my hair every second day and I want to make sure my hair is rinsed well before applying the conditioner as I feel when the hair is a bit dirty and greasy, it would not do much with products applied. The scent of the conditioner is quite nice. I leave the conditioner on a good 3 minutes before rinsing it off.

Then I wash my hair with the shampoo. This shampoo comes in a huge container and I just wish it comes with a pump dispenser as well. The scent is much better than the conditioner and it reminds me of the shampoo my hair salon uses. This shampoo does not lather up a lot. I don't know if it is just the shampoo or is it because I have applied conditioner prior. I have always used both products at the same time and cannot tell you if it lathers up well if used alone. 

The last step is to apply the maximizer to my towel-dried but still damp hair before styling. It is supposed to create more volume and softness. 

Overall impression: I really like the pre-wash conditioner. But I find the shampoo is a bit drying. To rectify the dryness, I have to apply extra leave-in conditioner afterwards so my hair would not feel crunchy. But the products do help create amazing volume and my hair is definitely more bouncy. As mentioned before, I wash my hair every second day and I find my hair still has enough volume on the second day. I have used these products together for the past week and I will probably substitute the shampoo with my regular shampoo as it is more hydrating and follow up with the results at a later time.

Have you tried the " reverse hair washing" routine yet?

* PR product featured

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