Jun 10, 2016

Michael Kors Rhea Extra Small Quilted Backpack Review

I have always carried big purses as I have so much things to carry around. But I find with just running errands, smaller cross-body purses are much easier for everyday use.

Michael Kors Rhea Extra Small Quilted Backpack in Bisque(here)

I have had my eyes set on Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini for a while. With the hefty price tag and limited access to get( I have inquired in store in Toronto and they are sold out and have to be ordered in), I decided to go for other alternatives and came across this Michael Kors mini backpack. 

This mini backpack is quite small as you can see my hand in the above picture. I have seen other mini backpacks but they rarely offer the the convertible strap option. 

There is a front zipped-up compartment which I can put my phone in. I would not recommend putting anything bigger than a phone in there. There is a bottom zipped-up compartment which is very tight and tiny. I usually put in some spare change or a pack of gum there.

The main compartment is quite roomy. I have a rather big wallet and it can easily fit in there. I also put in my keys, a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer, a lipstick and a lip balm. For running errands, this is all I need to bring with me and this bag is perfect. 

This backpack comes with 2 straps. With 2 hooks at the top and 2 at the bottom, you can hook the straps and carry it as a backpack. But the way I like to carry it is as a cross-body bag. I adjust the strap to the longest length and I detach the extension part of the second strap and hook it to the first strap, giving it extra length so I can comfortably wear it as a cross-body bag. (I am 5 foot 5.5 inches tall for reference). If you are a little bit shorter than me, you can probably just use one strap. I like my cross-body bag to be a little longer and sits lower than my hips. 

Or you can just carry the bag like this without straps. also very practical.

I picked the color Bisque. It is a light beige color which is perfect for spring and summer and easy to match with any outfits. There are a few other color options(blue and pink) and logo-embossed. I like the quilted leather to give this backpack a nice elegant touch. 

It is also my first time placing an online order with Michael Kors and I am quite happy with the customer service and shipping. It took only 2 business days for my bag to arrive and it is packed with great care. Before I placed my order, I called the customer service a couple of times to inquire about the shipping time and method and they are very helpful and courteous. 


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