Nov 29, 2016

CoverGirl So Lashy & Intensify Me Eyeliner

Of all the makeup products, I am most picky about mascara. My lashes are straight and stubborn. Using a wrong mascara for me would be a disaster. As I can go out without much makeup but I always curl and apply mascara just to make myself look more awake. 

CoverGirl has a new mascara: So Lashy *and just by looking at the wand makes me want to try it right away. I need a wand which has tiny little bristles so it can define my lashes more. Currently, I am using CoverGirl Plumpify. Both have a ball-like tip which I find extremely useful in applying mascara for inner lashes. 

Compared to the Plumpify, So Lashy wand is much simpler. Plumpify claims to maximize lashes by 50x volume, extreme plump and lift. As much as I enjoy it, I find the brush is just a bit too bulky for my liking. Formula-wise, I find both pretty similar. Both don't clump up and hold up my curls quite equally. I like the little bristles of the So Lashy much better as they space closer together than the Plumpify one and better to coat my lashes evenly.

The Intensify Me Eyeliner *looks very interesting. It has duo-tip which you can create thin or thick dramatic lines. I got the intense black which is a true black. However, it requires so much effort in mastering the skills. Every time I want to do a thin fine line on one eye, it is ok. Then I forget to tilt the pen the other way to do the other eye and end up applying with the thick tip. I am sure if you consciously remember to flip the tip every time you finish doing one eye, it is ok. But who has the time? In addition, it smudges and it is not a pleasant look. 

Of the two new products from CoverGirl, I definitely recommend the So Lashy Mascara. Happy to find a new favorite drugstore mascara.

*PR samples provided by BzzAgent

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