Nov 20, 2016

Wine-tasted Lipstick - Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick

If you like wine and you are a big sucker for cute packaging, you HAVE to get this Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick. Not only this is the cutest lipstick packaging, it also performs well.

Twist open the top and you have this gorgeous lipstick. The color I picked is RD01 Malbec Burgundy. I think there are two lines of lipsticks for the brand: fitting and melting. Not sure what the main difference is. Think one is more moisturizing than the other.

I am starting to like more pigmented lipsticks. But the ones I have tried are usually matte and drying. This one is pigmented but also very comfortable on the lips. It leaves a tint on your lips after a while so even if the color wears off, I won't be left with a rim of leftover shade.

This is my second product from the brand Chateau Labiotte. Check out my post on their popular lip tint. Their lip products are made out of sepivinol which is wine extract. I have read some reviews that some people find the taste rather chemical-like. I don't find that at all. For both the lip tint and this lipstick, it taste a little bit sweet and does taste like wine. 

I got both products from Korean ebay sellers and you can also get them from Amazon. They would make awesome stocking stuffers.

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