Dec 7, 2016

First ColourPop Purchase

I have heard of ColourPop for a long time but haven't tried any of their famous lippies. First, the brand is not quite as readily available to us Canadians. Second, when it is, the shipping cost is high, defeating the purpose of getting affordable and high quality products.

Right before their Black Friday sale, ColourPop offered free international shipping with no minimum purchase. I jumped for joy but was so overwhelmed to pick what to get. I know I wanted to try their famous lip products first and here is what I picked:

UltraSatin - Lock Diary
UltraSatin- Wink
Lippie Stix- Tiger

From L to R:
Lock Diary, Wink, Tiger

Lock Diary is from their Hello Kitty collection. It is an ultra satin finish liquid lipstick. It is a muted fuchsia shade, not a super bright shocking pink one so very wearable. The formula is, oh my goodness, as soon as I swatch it on my arm, I knew I am in love. So velvety, so smooth. Apply effortlessly on lips. 

Got another ultra satin liquid lipstick in the shade Wink. It is a pinky plum shade. I am so into plum shades in the past few months for the fall/winter. Very pigmented and it is so easy to apply on lips. I have had liquid lipsticks which I can play around for 5 mins and still can't apply right. Either too much or too little product. These amazing ones from ColourPop are going to be my new favorites. I don't have to wait for it to dry to see if they move around on my lips. Once it is on, it is on. 

Last but not least, is a lippie Stix Tiger. Since I am so into plum, I need this in my life. I apply this all over my lips. I have only tried it on with a lip balm underneath so I cannot say whether it is drying when worn alone. 

After trying a few products from ColourPop, I now TOTALLY get the hype about the brand. It is affordable and the quality is there. Unlike your regular drugstore lippies, these would blow your mind and you would be in love as soon as you try them.

As for international shipping, I got my order about 7 business days after I placed my order. Not bad at all. They come well-packed in a secured box. I would certainly buy from them again and again.

Have you tried ColourPop? What are your must-haves?

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