Jan 24, 2017

Hera UV Mist Cushion Moisture

I have been using cushion foundation for a few years. I have tried a couple Korean brands and my current one is the IOPE. The coverage is light to medium and it looks very natural on the skin. What I love most is the dewiness of cushion foundation. I have oily combination skin and I like to use it mostly in the cooler months so my skin wouldn't look too greasy.

I am almost out of my IOPE one and it is time to try a new one.

I have only tried a lipstick from Hera and quite impressed with it. So I picked their new version of mist cushion which claims to provide extra moisture and deep-hydration. Winter would be perfect time to try this out.

No. 23 Beige

It is your typical package for cushion foundation. Embossed with Hera in the middle of the pan. It looks quite dark in the pan but when you swatch it, it is much lighter.

To show the coverage, below is the picture of a mold on my arm.

Here is the coverage of just one light swatch. It does not cover the mold completely. So I would say this is medium coverage.

Left: Hera in No. 23 Beige
Right: IOPE Air Cushion XP Cover in 23

Both IOPE and Hera are under the same umbrella of company, Amore Pacific, so the shades are quite similar.

Left: Hera 
Right: IOPE

Comparing the two, the coverage of HERA is slightly better. It is much more moisturizing and dewy. One major difference is the strong fragrant scent for HERA. If you are very sensitive to scent in your foundation, you may not like this.  It does linger on the skin throughout the day. For my review on the IOPE one, you can read my review on IOPE here

I find both IOPE and Hera very similar. The wear time for me in the winter is about 4 or 5 hours. Since Hera is more hydrating, I find it a bit sticky after a few hours. Not to a point where I feel the need to blot.  I think Hera would be more suitable for normal to dry skin. However, this new version claims to be more deep hydrating than the regular version. So maybe in the summer time when I am finished with this, I would try the regular version.

Pricewise, Hera is a bit more pricier. Both IOPE and Hera cushion come with one refill. Depending on where you are getting it, price is around CAD $50. My IOPE one last me a while. Whenever it feels drier in the pan, I flip the cushion to the other side and can use it for another few weeks.

Have you tried any cushion foundation?

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