Feb 13, 2017

Bag Shopping

I have been good in limiting myself from buying new makeup products. But my obsession of shopping made a turn in hunting for new handbags. 

Have to admit there are a lot of good sales on after the holidays and it is hard to resist.

Michael Kors Selma Medium in Cinder
Michael Kors Mercer Medium Duffel in Cinder

Michaelkors.ca had a great sale two weeks ago and prices have since gone back up. I hate retailer who do that. If they go on sale, the sale price should stay like that unless for further reductions.

Selma medium is a classic at Michal Kors and each season, they come out with new colors and I picked Cinder which is a brownish taupe color which matches everything. 

Mercer Duffel bag didn't grab my attention when I was browsing. It looks like my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. But when I received my order, I fell in love with it more. The leather is very soft and durable. I am quite clumsy in handling my bags and often scratch the leather. This won't be the case.

Both bags come with long adjustable straps which I attach them at all times. When I go shopping and need both hands, it is so handy to have straps to wear on shoulders. 

Picked this bag up from Browns Shoes. I saw this in store a while back and I don't have a lot of blue bags. I picked this one up to bring to work as I haul a lot and this one is big and roomy. Comes with same-colored zipped up pouch so I can put my wallet and keys in there. 

After these few bags, I think I am good for a while for bags. I am the type who hate to switch up bags every day and usually use the same bag for weeks before switching them up. Do you switch up bags daily?

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