Mar 25, 2017

Which Sheet Mask is Worth your $

I have been using facial sheet masks consistently for a while. I used to do it once a week but really don't see any significant results. About 2 months ago, I started using one almost every day and see much better results. 

There are a lot of sheet masks in the market. If I have to use one daily, I don't want to use one which is $10 each piece.

I have been using My Beauty Diary masks for years and to me, they are very affordable and still deliver. I got mine in Toronto. They sell them at T&T grocery stores and they always go on sale for about CAD $16-18 for 10 pieces. My favorite from the brand is the Hyaluronic Acid mask. My skin always feel so hydrated afterwards and still feel soft the next morning.

Mediheal Line Friends N.M.F. is my next favorite. They are available in a lot of Asian makeup stores in Toronto(e.g. in Pacific Mall in Markham) and also at T&T grocery store. They are pricier than My Beauty Diary brand. They range from $30-35 for 10 pieces. I got mine at Winners for $24.99. So look out for these at your Winners. I have used up the whole box of Aquaring Ampoule masks and they are quite good. I like the sheet is a bit thicker(not easily torn when applied) and the essence is soaked into the sheet and leave it on for 20 mins and after I remove the mask, I gently massage the rest of the essence to help skin absorb better.

Karuna Masks were birthday gift from my best friend in Hong Kong. They are available at Sephora and I am not sure if you can get them cheaper anywhere else. They are super hydrating and the sheet quality is much better than the other two mentioned earlier. But are they well-worth the buck? I don't see a significant result. I didn't use them daily to test out the full effect. I used them twice a week.

I finally found the Innisfree Second Skin Mask. Heard a lot of great review on this Korean brand mask and I got a few of these from Pacific Mall in Markham last week during March break. It is indeed like second skin. It is about CAD $8 each piece and it is well-worth your buck. I wouldn't use it every day(my wallet would suffer too much!!) but it would be awesome if I can use this at least once a week. 

Since I love the Mediheal Line Friends masks, I was lucky to find a few more at Winners. I got the I.P.I. Lightmax Ampoule Face Mask

Tony Moly Black Tea Mask is about $6 each. I have tried the Tony Moly Gold Snail Hydro Gel Mask(check out my post in Feb empties). It is a very rich mask and I don't know if it is too rich or not for my skin, I breakout a bit after two uses. So I went for a more regular mask from the brand and picked the Black Tea mask. It didn't break me out fortunately but to me, it is still not worth the $.

Two other more affordable masks are Etude House Snail Mask and Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask-Rice. They are about $1.5-2 each. They are ok, nothing too spectacular but if you want to use one every day, these are not bad choices.

These are the ones I got and going to try this month. 

Sheet masks price range is huge ranging from $1 to $15 per mask. Depending on whether you want to use them daily or use one to pamper yourself once in a while, I would suggest to stock up on affordable ones such as the Mediheal Line Friend brand to use every day. Would get a few more high-end ones like Karuna or IOPE Bio Essence ones to treat yourself once or twice a week. 


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