Nov 23, 2011

J Crew Obsession

Ever since J. Crew opened its first store in Canada (Yorkdale shopping mall in Toronto, ON) in August this year, I have been shopping there. Oh, well, not physically there since I don't live in Toronto anymore. I shop online.

A lot of my friends are reluctant to shop online, worrying about the sizes and quality of clothes they don't actually see and touch before they buy. As an experienced online shopper, I have learnt to shop strategically. If you can go to the actual retail store and try on the outfit you like, it's perfect. But some of us don't have that luxury. Speaking from somebody who lives in a small town in eastern Ontario where Walmart is where everybody go, I don't get to go to the stores that often. But if I go, I would try out different clothing items and make sure the sizes fit. I can be a size 4 for Banana Republic but for certain pants and sweaters, I may be a size 6.

I have been eyeing on the J Crew cashmere crewneck cardigans for a while. Went to the store at Yorkdale last time when I went home for a visit. I tried on the cardigan and pair it up with a polka dot silk blouse. Fell in love with the look but not the price. Rarely do I go in the store and actually spot a sale there.

I find there is more sale promo online and the shipping fee is reasonable. Yes, you have to pay the tax but it's shipped by UPS and you can track the order online and know exactly when it will arrive. I buy enough online and I know my UPS/Purolater courier carriers well ( isn't that great?)

Doggie woke me up at 6am and I couldn't go back to sleep. So what did I do? Turned on the TV and watched Breakfast Television and browsed on J Crew website. I had a few items picked up earlier in the week, hoping to get a sales promo any time. As a lot of J Crew online shoppers know, the sale items are sometimes difficult to snatch. I have joined a few J Crew shoppers' forum and knew that U.S. Thanksgiving black Friday is going to start any time this week, so everybody is advising each other to hold off. Indeed, this morning, there comes the new sales promo: 25 % off $150 order and free shipping.

I have been eyeing on the waverly chino with flannel lining pants for a while. I love the warm and cozy feel of these pants. Not sure if they would look bulky on me. Checked out a few fellow bloggers on the review and they look great on them ( of course, they are either a size 0 or 2, anything would look good on them!) Also grabbed the minimalist mockneck sweater in purple. I have the new obsession of purple/fuscia color lately and would like to add more pieces to my boring black/grey/brown wardrobe.

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