Nov 23, 2011


I have always loved the softness of cashmere. My Mom always tells me a good cashmere sweater can last a long time. She has one which was bought a couple of years before I was born and she is still wearing it.

Mentioned in my last post that I tried on the cashmere crewneck cardigan at the Yorkdale store in Oct. Found my right size and paired it with the navy polka dot silk blouse. I have always loved polka dots. 

But for $114 for a silk short sleeved blouse, I think it's overpriced. Kept those 2 items in mind and walked out of the store without buying anything. Went home and saw J Crew online was running a sale promo. The top was $114, but was on sale for $98 and additional 30% off. So I could buy the blouse for around $68, that's more reasonable. I was so glad I didn't impluse buy at the store.

So bought the crewneck cardigan in heather indigo and the silk polka dots top.

Parcel came and loved my new purchases.

When you get one, you would want another one. So off I go, browsing through the cashmere section and found the cashmere boyfriend cardigan. $230??!!!! I know it's cashmere but does it have to be that pricey? I FORBIDDED myself from buying impulsively. Just wait for the sale.

I buy online from J Crew all the time and notice once in a while, the boyfriend cardigan would pop up as sale but when I clicked on it, nothing would show up with the sale price. I decided to give them a call. The sales associate was so helpful, telling me because those are very low in stock and may not let customers put them in their shopping carts but they could try and do it for me. Since I browse constantly, I knew all my colors and asked them if they had the plum orchard for sale. Sure they did and even had my size (S). Even better, she offered to give me 10% of the sale price (from $230 to $146) and waived my shipping fee. So I got this gorgeous boyfriend cardigan for approximately $163 ( with the tax) shipped to my doorstep 4 days later.

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