Dec 11, 2011

My After Christmas Wants

Am I ready for Christmas? Nope, I still have a few small gifts to get.

But I want to be prepared. During the holiday season, will be busy eating and visiting with family.

I'm all shopped out but who wouldn't want more items in her closet when a good sale is on?

I'm sure after Christmas, will be tons of promotions that I can't resist. There are items that I wouldn't get at regular prices. These are also the items that I would normally get. Theses are items I would want to add in my closet but not necessarily need to have them.

My After Christmas Wants

J Crew short sleeve dress, $105
J.Crew cropped pants, $138
J.Crew tapered pants, £140
J.Crew wedge boots, $270
J.Crew small heels, £230
J Crew 18k necklace, $150
Bonjour, Paris Pouch, $20

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