Dec 8, 2011

New Purchases from J. Crew

As mentioned in my previous blogs, I have a weakness in buying, especially buying online. It just doesn't seem REAL. When you go in retail store to buy things, I would think more before pulling my wallet out. But with online shopping, no pulling of wallets needed. The whole shopping transaction doesn't seem real until my credit card statement comes!

I love plaid shirts and I have a few in my closet. Placed an order with J. Crew earlier this week so I thought my shopping is done. But the one plaid shirt that I have been eyeing on keep going out of stock every time I place an order. 

This is the Tartan shirt I like. There is a very similar version of this at J. Crew factory. I thought I would just get that one instead.

This morning before I head to work, had a few minutes to kill so I went online and there is another J. Crew promotion(25% off and free shipping with $150 order). I had the J. Crew factory look-alike shirt in my shopping cart. Then I thought I would grab the Jester turtleneck and a few other items to make up for $150.

Just when I was debating on the size on this turtleneck, I noticed the J. Crew factory plaid popover sold out on me. 2 seconds later, this sweater sold out on me too.

I was so close. But what can you do? I would just finish up getting ready for work. 

Still thinking about how close I was getting my order pissed me off. Hurried up and went back online. Saw the original Tartan shirt back in stock with my size. Grabbed that. Then went back to the sweater section and this turtleneck is back. Added another tissue turtleneck and quickly checked out before everything is sold out on me. 

Yes, this was all done before 7am. Before heading out the door, before my cup of coffee, money spent already. 

Now, just hope I won't get that nasty email telling me that the items in my order are not in stock. 

That will be my birthday present to myself. Yes, that's another buyer's justification that I have been using for the past month. I promise myself not to buy anything until the Boxing day sale.


  1. Ha! I hear you about doing damage before 7:00 a.m. I don't even want to tell you what time I placed my order this morning!!! Great picks!

  2. I laughing with you because I have these same conversations in my head! :o) You will love the tartan plaid shirt! I got mine last year and have worn it a ton. Also, with one of the many promos lately, I picked up the Jester sweater in the other color (pine/lavendar) cute! I'm thinking you've got a winner with that one too! Enjoy!!

  3. jcrewismyfavstore: What time you placed your order? I find myself staying up late at nite to wait for the "changeover" of J. Crew promo online. First thing in the morning, it's usually where I go first before doing anything else.

  4. My4Boys: Thanks. I can't wait to get my order. I thought the shirt is very festive and I can wear it with jeans also. Did you pick up anything with the promo today?

  5. The plaid is sooo adorable! Love J.Crew!
    Now following stop by my blog sometime!

  6. I placed my order at, wait for it, 2:06 a.m.!!!

  7. AmyBeth: I love J. Crew. Maybe loving it too much lately, I'm so broke!! Thanks for stopping by. Coming over to visit you.

  8. jcrewismyfavstore: oh my my, you night owl! I'm sure they had a better selection that early.

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  10. Nothing today so far...However, I do hear the polka dot popover calling my name. :o)