Jan 15, 2012

Just bought

Just bought

Have been obsessing with purple outfits lately. Grabbed the boardwalk stripe tee from J. Crew yesterday. Just love the stripes and color. It's final sale so just hope it will fit well.

Bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs puffy bag from Holt Renfrew when I was in Toronto. Just love his bags and affordability. The bag is so light and what a change from my other heavy leather bags.

When I was surfing online mindlessly this morning(yes, lazy Sunday morning, nothing better to do), stumbled upon Talbots website. Have never bought from them before but they are having an excellent sale on. But thought I'd just read some more reviews before placing my order. A few mins later, went to visit one of my favorite blogs: ExtraPetite and she was posting about the sale and a promo code, see post here. Everything is 40% off, including regular, sale and outlet prices. Use code 019588431 at checkout. Not sure when this code expires. So if you're interested, use the code soon. Have fun!
***updated Jan 16/12 @2:05pm, I just tried the code and it has expired. It was working this morning but I thought I would place the order after lunch, oh well, next time ***


  1. What a cool post, I have actually seen Talbots a lot but never really bought anything from them. I think I will have to try it again in the future. Thanks so much for sharing! Following you now,

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time to stop by :)

  2. Dale: First time for me to buy at Talbots. There are Talbots stores in Canada but not sure they're the same as I recall my Mom shopping there??!! But from other bloggers' reviews, heard a lot of good stuff and decided to take advantage of the great sale of 40% off everything. Thanks for stopping by! I am following you now. What a great blog you have!

  3. Talbots has totally revamped, they have great stuff in there as of late! I am really feeling Bordeaux-type hues lately myself!

    Alexandra xo


  4. Alexandra: Talbots has a lot of nice items on their website, however, I have never gone into the actual Talbots store(except to go in to look for my Mom who likes to browse there). Maybe I should go check it out next time I'm in the city.