Aug 1, 2015

July Empties

Did not finish a whole lot of products this month. Two of them are scented candles :)

I have slowly switched away from hauling scented candles exclusively at Bath and Body Works. I found some nice ones at my local Winners. Both are under $9 and they are quite similar in scent. My favorite candle scent for the summer months is citrus and these two smell amazing and burn quite well.

2 Hair Products:
Tresemme Heat Protectant
Marc Anthony Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Tresemme heat protectant is my staple. Marc Anthony Moroccan Oil treatment is probably my second finished bottle. I loved it when I first started using it. But as I heat-style my hair more often recently and I notice my hair is quite dry. This oil doesn't do much in improving the overall texture of my dried hair so I am currently switching to another brand.

Skin Care:
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
I can honestly say this is my holy grail cleanser. I have been using this for years and yes it is a pricy cleanser. Whenever I am done with one, I say to myself that I am sure I can find other cleansers which could do the same. But every time my skin acts up and nothing could calm it, I religiously go back to this cleanser and within 1 day or 2, my skin would be all calmed and become smooth again. So from now on, I will always keep one around and when my skin is normal, I will use the cheaper alternatives and as soon as it become irritated, I would switch back to this for a day or two, just to make this last longer.

Dermaglow Lash Enhancer
This is my third finished tube and probably the last. Not that I don't like this. But because it is no longer available. I could see my lashes improve tremendously over the months I have started using this. Once I stop, I see my lashes slowly going back to what it was before(sparse and not full). I have now switched to another brand and eager to see if this new one is better.

Bite Beauty Nutmeg Contour Lip Pencil
This is a beautiful nude lip pencil. Perfect for everyday. It is slanted and make it super easy to line your lips. However, this doesn't last long at all for me. It breaks off quite easily and I wasted quite a bit from product breaking apart. So as much as I love this, I would not re-purchase as I have other lip pencils which cost a fraction of this and last much longer.

What have you finished this month? Leave me your blog post link below.


  1. I didn't finish many products either last month. Hopefully this month I'll make a bigger dent in my stash!

    1. that means we both have too many goodies in our stash. Good feeling to finish some products up and start with new ones :)

  2. wow I'd love to try that soy cleanser! it sounds amazing, and i love keeping my empties until i see a wholeee bunch of it! ._.

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

    1. it is a pricy cleanser but I have switched to many brands, both high end and drug store ones and nothing works for my skin as well as the Fresh one. Guess I will have to keep splurging on this.

  3. I like that soy cleanser too from when I tried a deluxe sample. Currently for some reason I have a huge pile of cleanser samples and I haven't needed to actually buy a cleanser for awhile now, next time!

    1. I have a few cleanser samples to go through but find myself always going back to Fresh soy cleanser. Really don't like the price tag but that is the only reliable one I go back to whenever my skin acts up :)

  4. at first glance i thought you are my sunshine was from bbw -- maybe cause i keep seeing bbw candles in your posts :)
    Marc Anthony - as in the ex husband of jlo? lol sorry for asking.
    this makes me wanna try the cleanser from fresh. i keep seeing it on the sephora sample selections when i shop but didnt care to get one cause ive never heard of this brand before.

    1. Marc Anthony is also a well-know hair stylist here in Canada and he has his own line of hair products :)