Jan 5, 2012

La Canadienne Boots

I love buying shoes. But I find I have way more summer/fall shoes than winter boots. Living in eastern Ontario, Canada means we have cold weather from November till April. You would think I need more winter boots. We get lots of snow. Lots of snow means lots of salt on the roads, sidewalks etc. Salt is bad news for boots. I hate salt rims on my boots, especially suede ones.

I envy people wearing high heel winter boots. Who could walk graciously with high heels with slush on the roads? First priority for me is a good sole for boots. Need to get a good grip, non-slippery sole. I have a few pairs of Uggs which I love but sometimes just need to wear something with a little bit of heel to dress things up.

A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of Aquatalia winter boots. They are pricey but waterproof and last. I hate spending $300 on a pair of boots which would only last me one winter. I have had other pairs but I have to constantly apply those shoe spray protectant to keep them in decent shape. My Aquatalia needs very little attention and would look nice and clean all the time with the salt from the roads.

Looking for another pair of Aquatalia winter boots.

Gemma $375

I tried these on but I find they are narrower at the front and I'm not sure if I want 2.8 inch high.

Mint $ 350
I have been looking for these ones but they seem to be sold out as soon as in November. I will be more comfortable in these heels definitely.

Aqutalia boots are made even more famous as they were worn by Kate Middleton earlier last year.

As I have been searching high and low for a pair of decent winter boots, even with all the sales going on, I just couldn't find any. 

Finally came across a pair by La Canadienne: a Canadian brand, based in Montreal. 

Geralda $285

I tried on a couple similar styles but decide on this pair. Wedges work for me and these are a little bit over 2 inches. I like the side zippers as I don't have the patience in doing and undoing laces a few times a day. Fully water proof and hopefully they will require minimal maintenance. 


  1. I bought a pair of La Canadienne boots a few years ago and they still look as good as new even after plowing through mountains of slush and snow. I bought another pair during the sales this season. They are really worth the extra money, especially as they are made in Canada!

  2. rubber soled wedges are my answer to walking in the winter. although sometimes i cheat and wear my winter boots to work and change once i get there!

  3. Louise@cosmetic bee: I have been wearing these for the past few days even in this weather with no snow. So comfy. I can wear these all day long without suffering. Agree with you, they are really worth the money.

    two birds: agree with you completely. Glad these are not suede wedges as I don't know I would wear them as often. These are so comfy and I have been wearing them every day since I got them.