Jan 7, 2012

Le Creuset Enamel Whistling Kettle

 Have heard a lot of good reviews of Le Creuset cookware. They are enameled cast iron. For me, convenience is the main key. You can cook in those and serve in the same pot, music to my ears as I am the one doing all the cooking and cleaning.

I have always wanted a French oven. They are pricey and I have yet to find a deal.

But today, I came across a whistling kettle.

I boil water consistently and go through a few stainless steel kettles a year. Decided to give Le Creuset a try. Regular price is $99.99, on sale for $59.99 and I got it with further reduction of only $38. Not much colors to choose from at the clearance section so I got the classic whistling in this color (blue).


  1. You have got one of the best blogs I have seen recently.Creativity of any kind always attracts me and you are a masterpiece in that.Thanks for sharing so much. I am definitely following you.

  2. jhilmilbeauty: Thanks so much for your compliments! Definitely made my day.

  3. i would love to own a le creuset too,but i only own one staub casserole.
    the staub one performs pretty good,but nothing comes close to the original.

  4. Ina: I have heard good things about staub too. I'm looking for a pot too and le creuset is so pricey so I may go for a staub as well.

  5. Nice kettle and what a good price! You can get Le Creuset on sale but it does take some hunting. I got my Le Creuset dutch oven from Williams Sonoma a few years ago - Boxing Day sale, 50% off! The Bay sometimes has good sales for Le Creuset too.

  6. I own a couple Le Creuset pieces and adore them! Funny enough, the exact ones in the same colors you posted :) The clean-up is fantastic, they go easily from stove-top to the oven, and they distribute the heat evenly all while looking beautiful.

    My favorite is the grill pan; oddly, we use that more than anything else. I've found great deals on Amazon, Bloomingdales, and the Le Creuset outlet. I'm always on the look-out!

    I always buy a new LC item for my mom, sister, and aunt for Christmas - makes a great gift!

  7. every once in a while i see these discounted at th maxx of marshalls. they are still spendy there, but not nearly as much as they are at department stores!

  8. tj maxx, not th!
    also, sometimes if you keep an item in your shopping cart at amazon, they will send you discount codes for it!

  9. Louise @ cosmetic bee: I was at the Le Creuset store at Sherway Gardens yesterday. Lots of choices but I'm buying any at full price. Thanks for the advice. Will check out the Bay.

    NVMolly: I will slowly start my collection. Thought there would be a few decent sales around here but none so far. Will have to keep looking.

    two birds: thanks, will keep Amazon in mind. I'm not paying these in full price.

  10. Ooooo I'm in love with the kettle! I would looove one in red or white - would be perfect for my morning tea :P

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for following, I really appreciate it <3

  11. Cute kettle!

    I love Le Creuset and have actually scored some of their stuff at Ross/Marshall's for cheap(er)!

  12. tiny dancer: the red is really stunning. I'm starting to understand why some people have to collect all the pieces.

    Megan: thanks. I like it too. Will have to search for some more good deals.

  13. Until you try the enameled cast iron and Le Creuset you will never know what it feels to own Le Creuset. Staub is okay. But Le Creuset is incredibly special. My pieces make me smile. Staub doesn't do that.